BioShock Infinite review
A masterpiece in everyway, it will bring out every emotion in you.

The good:

What isn't good about this game? Gameplay wise, it offers a large range of weapons, vigors which can change an impossible battle and give you the upper hand and an interactive environment that offers you a wide range of possibilities. Certain choices in the game will bring an affect to the game later on, so when you are brought to a crossroads, be wary! Intense boss fights, heart pumping firefights and a superb background, you'll find yourself admiring the very beauty of the game.

The bad:

There are very few things I could even say is bad about this game, apart from the odd controller smashing moment, the only thing I can take from the game would be the loss of money when killed on harder modes. Even, It is a minor thing to take from the game, and never made me want to stop playing.


As I started playing Bioshock Infinite I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. Having played Bioshock before however, I new I was in for an absolute gem. From the get go, I was instantly addicted to the incrediblly detailed buildings, stunning graphics and characters that draw you in. Bioshock Infinite takes you into a world high above the sky, set in a time of the industrial revolution. When you arrive, you'll find yourself looking in every direction, as the designs and interactivity will have you taking your time as you traverse the new world.

As well as boasting an incredible array of detailed buildings and sculptures. The city is huge, and allows the player to explore the many stores and buildings within the city. The buildings are quite complex, but most of city can be accessed. The city is hung with huge floating buildings, some connected by Sky Lines. The Sky Lines allow for shipping containers to be transported from one side of the city to the other, but it also grants the user transport using a Sky Hook. Items and weapons can be found throughout the city, along with Tears.

Tears can be summoned by Elizabeth, bringing a object or a different occurrence. The Tears can bring an infinite amount of possibilities. You will find AI with different personalities, that are able to interact with you and others around them. The city literally comes to life. Be careful however, as your interactions can have dire consequences, the sneakier you can be, the better. As you progress through Colombia, you will develop a closer relationship to the main character Elizabeth, as well as recover more about your past than you could have possibly imagined.

You will find gear, weapons, and vigors along the way. These vigors are all different, but remember, use the right vigor for the right situation! Such as Possession, use this when you are confronted with turrets. Possession will allow you to possess the turret, making it attack your enemies instead. Devils Kiss will give you the ability to attack your enemies with a fire, it can also light oil slicks on fire. Each vigor you find will have it's own uses, and can be upgradable, making the vigor more useful. Vigors are similar to the plasmids used in Bioshock, and can help you get out of a sticky situation, should you find yourself helplessly lost amongst the crossfire. Gear can be found throughout the missions, giving you new abilities to use, alongside your plasmids and your weapons. But be careful you are not the only one with new abilities, as new enemies have been introduced in order to stop you.

Along the way, you will come across new enemies. Some of these enemies include:
Firemen; These enemies are heavily armored, and have the ability to use Devils Kiss. Often found when deployed with several enemies, they can overwhelm a player in cover, or create an exploding trap, causing massive danger to anyone nearby.

Handyman; The Handyman is a huge, mechanically enhanced human, with large mechanical arms and legs. The Handyman was created by Fink Industries, the Handyman doesn't eat, sleep or breath. Handyman was created to help citizens around the city. With the ability to use Shock Jockey, these giant enemies are deadly.

Zealots; These shady characters are found throughout the game. They carry a Coffin on their back, and have the ability to morph into a Murder of Crows. When the player comes across this enemy, the Zealot will quickly transport from spot to spot, making the fight much harder. Armed with a sword, Zealots are capable of dealing massive damage.

Motorized Patriots: In the game you will come across the Motorized Patriot. Made in the Image of George Washington, the Motorized Patriot represents the vision of the city. Originally they were made to run tours to parts of the city, factions of Colombia reprogrammed them for battle. Armed with a large Crank Gun, along with surprising speed, they can quickly kill an enemy.

There are two factions in Colombia, the Vox Populi, and the Founders of Colombia. On one side, the Vox Populi, lead by Daisy Fitzroy. Left jobless and forgotten by Fink and his Industrial Revolution, Daisy plans to fight Comstocks armies, and take the city back, she is the voice of the people.
And on the other side, Zachary Hale Comstock, founder of Colombia. Comstock, who the citizens of Colombia named "The Prophet". He spoke of an Angel called "Colombia", who told him that he would build a city in the sky. He predicted that the False Shepard would bring destruction of the city. He also predicted the coming of the Savior, the being who would stop the city from being destroyed. Booker must fight to uncover the secrets of Comstock, while piecing together the story of his past.

If you are still not convinced about this game, then don't take my world for it, buy this game, and find out for yourself!

This game exceeded all expectations I had and more. Game of the year material if you ask me.

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