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Ambitious, excellent aspects but heavily flawed


I'm not going to tell you what Bioshock Infinites setting or story is, go google it if you want to know I'm just going to talk about my thoughts on it. That said, lets go!

Setting/story (SPOILERS)

I absolutely LOVED the setting of Bioshock Infinite. Stepping out into the temple of Comstock, with the rose petals and water, and that beautiful music was one of the most heartwarming things ever. The temple was so beautifully designed, the music so softly inspiring, I honestly felt warm fuzzy feelings flood my body.

This was nothing compared to the impact upon stepping outside of the temple area i...


A masterpiece in everyway, it will bring out every emotion in you.

The good:

What isn't good about this game? Gameplay wise, it offers a large range of weapons, vigors which can change an impossible battle and give you the upper hand and an interactive environment that offers you a wide range of possibilities. Certain choices in the game will bring an affect to the game later on, so when you are brought to a crossroads, be wary! Intense boss fights, heart pumping firefights and a superb background, you'll find yourself admiring the very beauty of the game.

The bad:

There are very few things I could even say is bad about this game, apart from the odd controller smashing moment, the only thing I can take from the game would be the loss of money when killed on harder modes. Even, It is a minor thing to take from the game, and never made me want to stop playing.


As I started playing Bioshock Infinite I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. Having played Bioshock before however, I new I was in for an absolute gem. From the get go, I was instantly addicted to the incrediblly detailed buildings, stunning graphics and characters that draw you in. Bioshock Infinite takes you into a world high above the sky, set in a time of the industrial revolution. When you arrive, you'll find yourself looking in every direction, as the designs and interactivity will have you taking your time as you traverse the new world.

As well as boasting an incredible ar...


A million shades of grey


(Note: the following contain mild spoilers from the game. I will surmise at the top of spoiler-laden paragraphs spoiler-free... uh, summaries.)
that wasn't awkward at all


That's all I was thinking after completing Irrational's latest masterpiece, BioShock Infinite. My mind was officially blown. Not because of the immense atmosphere, juxtaposed by the highs of the soaring, majestic skyscapes of the floating, seemingly perfect city of Colombia, and the lows of its gritty underbelly, rife with racism, sexism, corruption by its cult-like leader who sends waves of his city's forces against an...

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