Bionicle Heroes Action Replay Codes (DS)

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Infinite Health (DS) North America

Infinite Health
b20e40f0 00000000
100003a4 000003e8
d2000000 00000000

Gives you Infinite Health

Max/Infinite Gears (DS) North America

Max/Infinite Gears
020e3610 000f423f
020e3614 000f423f
020e3618 000f423f

Gives you Max/Infinite Gears

Have All Runes (DS) North America

Have All Runes
020e38f8 63636363
020e38fc 63636363
020e3900 63636363
020e3904 63636363

Gives you Have All Runes

All Levels Unlocked (DS) North America

All Levels Unlocked
220e35d9 00000005
120e35da 00000505
020e35dc 06050505

Unlocks All Levels

All Cheats Unlocked (DS) North America

All Cheats Unlocked
120e38f4 00000fff

Unlocks All Cheats