Bionic Commando review
Awesome shoot-em up game for GBC


Let me start off by saying that Bionic Commando is the best GBC game I have ever played. If you don't believe me even after you read this review, you are unmovable. Having said this, I'm sure some of you are.

Story 9/10

The narrator starts out by saying that Karina(your homeland) used to be a peaceful place, until Arturus came along and trashed it. You have been fighting him and his army, the Avars, and you seem to be winning, until you recieve a message from Commander Joe in Avar territory. He says the bad guys have a weapon, the Albatross, and they're not afraid to use it. Then you don't get any more messages from him. Your mission is to get Commander Joe, and stop the Albatross, whatever that is.

Graphics 10/10

The best graphics I have seen for any GBC game. It is a side-scrolling game, which I usually don't like, but this one rules. There is a sniper mode in the game, and when you shoot guys in the sniper mode, blood sprays everywhere. There is also a top down mode in parts of the game, and that is good too. In short, the graphics rock.

Controls 8/10

This is the only part of the game I don't like, but it's just in the beginning. You can't jump in this game, but you do have a claw that you can swing around with it, and in time you come to realize that it's better than jumping. One other bad thing about the controls is that when you pull yourself up a ledge and land on a guy, it will hurt you, but you shouldn't pull yourself up where a guy is anyway.

Music/Sounds 10/10

The music is the best. There are really long songs, and usually there is only one other level out of the 18 that has the same song. Some levels even have two songs. You don't get tired of the music either. It makes you play harder. There are a few voice clips, too. When you are near a sniper area, it says ''Snipa''. There is also a different sound for each gun, and you will get 5, each one with increasing strength, so to speak.

Replay Value 10/10

The first time you play it, it's really hard, but when you beat it, the sense is gratifying. I love to go through with the best guns and armour and such and beating the first level in about 2 minutes. The last levels remain challenging, so you will play them over and over again. I like to go through and get promoted. I still can't put it down, a year later.

Rent or Buy?

Buy. You won't be able to put it down, so renting it would be worthless. Buy it, and buy it now. If you can find it, that is.

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