Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. (N64) Cheats

Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. cheats, Codes, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for N64.

Command codes

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There is some critical moves in this game that will end your opponent's life with a single blow , and other that cut your opponnet's hands off, here is the list:SAPO--right-leftupright, Zipperhead--right-leftup, Minachek--right-leftrightdown, Bullseye--make "U" on control pad clockwiseup, Sabotage--left-leftupright, Psyclown--left-rightleftdown, Burns--left-rightupright, Delta--right-leftdown

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One hit fatalities
UnlockableHow to unlock
MinatekMove in close and press Towards, Away, C Left + C Down
ZipperheadTowards, Away, Away + C Right. The first time you'll take one arm off, the second time the other arm. Finally move in close to take off the head.
SsapoMove in close and press Towards, Away, Away + C Up + C Right.
PsyclownMove in close and press Towards, Away, Away + C Left + C Down.
SabotageTowards, Away, Away + C Up. The first time you'll take one arm off, then the other arm. Finally move to about steps away and take off the head.
BullzeyeMove in close and press Towards, Away, Away + C Up.
DeltaMove in close and press Towards, Away, Away + C Down.
PurgeAway, Towards, Towards + C Up + C Right.
TauntTo taunt your opponent hold C Left and C Right.
First Person PerspectiveDuring a fight hold Away on the pad and press Start. To switch back hold Down on the control pad and press Start.


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Sorry about the first Cheats, it seems that the "C" buttons are not displayed on the list earlier. Here is the list with the "C" buttons this time:Sapo--right-left RP-RK, Zipperhead--right-left-RP, Minachek--right-left-LP-Lk, Bullseye--"U" clockwise-RP, Sabotage--left-left-RP-RK, Psyclown--right-left--LP-LK, Burns--left-right-RP-RK, Delta--right-left-LK

Sorry about the wrong codes everybody, this are the right ones, I do not know what happen when I put it in


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Alternate View
During a match, hold Left and press Start. Hold Down and press Start to return to the default view.
Taunt Opponent
During a match, press C-Left + C-Right.


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View Creation Date
Right after you start the N64, press the C-Left button over and over until a sound of a laughter comes on. Now, on the title screen, it will display when your game was created.