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Above, beyond, sideways, backwards


The Introduction:
It's a tad odd to review what would appear to be a generic sci-fi themed third person shooter two years removed from its original release. After all, don't these kinds of games become irrelevant by bigger games like Mass Effect 3? However, even in the murky, murky depths of 2012's video game catalogue can lie the occasional gem. Besides obvious ones such as Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami, there does lie a sci-fi third person shooter that may appear to be generic, but carries with it a surprising amount of promise. It's like that worker whose energy and dedication to the jo...


Since when was a good action movie a slow burner? Never, that's when!


Developer and Publisher: Sega

From the same team that brought to us the Yakuza series comes Binary Domain, a cover-based third person shooter where you and a squad of soldiers take down armies of robots while going from cutscene to cutscene. Now, the last time I played a game made by a Japanese development studio that reminded me an awful lot of Gears Of War, it was like having a root canal while passing a kidney stone – god, that game which must not be named was such shit. But thankfully, Binary Domain never stooped down to that level. Instead, it's a game that misses the mark in some areas...


Vanquish's less awesome cousin


Binary Domain is... an interesting game, to say the least. After playing Gears Of War 3 towards the end of 2011, I was craving for another cover based third person shooter, and Sega (of all companies) heard me. Then came Binary Domain, which felt like Gears Of War... with robots instead of aliens-- what the *bleep*, wasn't that basically what Vanquish was? Well, not quite, because Vanquish had a huge sense of speed thanks to the thrusters in your suit. Binary Domain doesn't have that, and although it does have a gimmick, it didn't do much to the game, and overall, it just felt like Gears Of...

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