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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing review
Rightfully titled the worst game ever released.


It doesn't appear anyone else has written a serious review for this piece of crap, and for good reason, so I thought I'd at least make one.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. What more can I say. Is it possible for a computer game to be as horrifyingly bad as this one? I can't even believe the creators expected money for it. And then even after offering it up for free nobody wanted it, people even wanted refunds. To be fair, a patch was released fixing some of the issues, but this review is for the first version released, and even with the patch, the game is still horrendous.

First of all, the gameplay. Or lack thereof. I'm not kidding. There is no gameplay. And the concept is one of the most basic ideas possible for a racing game there is, and the creators still managed to screw it up. The idea is that you start by selecting a truck out of four relatively similar options, then a track, one of which is pointlessly named Forgotten Road 1 in the absence of a Forgotten Road 2, and one of which does not work and simply crashes the game. Not like it'd even be worth trying anyway, considering how terribly designed the tracks are. When you first start the race, you find yourself controlling a horribly designed truck in an equally horribly designed environment at the starting point. You are racing another truck, however your opponent does not even move at any point throughout the game, leaving you free to do whatever you want and win every time, and upon winning, you'll see some text pop up saying "You're Winner". Yes, "You're Winner."

The game also lacks realism. For example, you can get up to speeds of 60mph in a few seconds, and when you go into reverse, you'll find yourself increasing in speed infinitely fast and breaking the space-time continuum somehow, not to mention the fact that you can stop on a dime. It's at this point your screen will go crazy and the game might actually crash. Oh, and let's not forget your truck's magical ability to drive up and down almost vertical mountains while maintaining speed, literally driving off of the map and into the nothingness beyond the level, sinking through bridges to the spotty ground below, and being able to drive through any and all obstacles like houses, trees, and magical blue lamp posts like they're not even there.

The controls are painfully simple with only arrow key controls and no way to change them. Half the time they don't work very well either.

With sickeningly awful textures, evidently no level boundaries, and spotty, boxy and awfully executed 3D graphics, it seems like the makers could only have spent a day or two on the game, and may not have even tested it once before eagerly trying to sell it.

As for the sound, like the gameplay, there is none. Literally, there is no music in the game and the only sound effect is a 2 second long, looping, extremely annoying engine sound that doesn't even work on many computers.

No matter how great they try to make the game sound on the back of the box, it's absolutely awful, and how it made it to shelves, we may never know. And honestly, I hate having to say a bunch of bad things about something without being able to say any good things. But really, there is nothing, nothing good about Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing for me to talk about... the game is utter rubbish and that's all there is too it.

It may be amusing for a little while, but when it comes down to it, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a disgrace to gaming, and while it never really was taken seriously, it is still seriously bad. The small portion of success it got in sales was simply because people wanted to try it out and/or collect it because of how bad people said it was, and you have to admit, that's just sad. The only reason my score for it is 0.1 and not 0.0 is because at least there is content and it's not just a blank screen. But it's pretty damn close.

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InsanityS Oct 3, 12
And here I thought 18 Wheeler was pretty bad for a truck driving game, but I sit in awe at the description of a game that makes that one look like a shining gem by comparison.
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ellipsis Oct 7, 12
This is, in fact, a true pile of crap game.
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