Beyond Good & Evil (PS2) Cheats

Beyond Good & Evil cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Crystal cargo
If you wanna get some crystals and don't want to go everywhere and get hurt. In the hillys you can go to a ship, (note: it only works if you see a box on the ship) and fire only at the box it will break open and crystals will come out. This is a way you can get crystals without getting hurt. It takes two or three shots to break the box.
Easy fighting
When fighting alpha sections wait until he wacks the ground and his sheild will disappear! Then just hit him 6 times and he will be history!
Easy pics & money
After you get the camera and photograph the beetle, take a picture of the kids, the dog, and Pey'j to get some pictures for the scientific society, and some money. likewise, go to Mammago's and take a picture of one of the attendants; and in the Pedestrian District, take some pictures of the people there. Some might be an "unidentified species".
geting past the alfas
when you get to another part in the slauter houses there are 3 alfa sections in position and a ray gun that shoots you once u are spoted.befor you get to that point you go to a room where you can see the convaor belt and cabnet to get jet boosters for your boat. there are laser beams that lead into that room but you cant go through them and you have to go the other way. befor you go the other way use your camera and through one of ur disks into that room to get their atention. then when u see them hit them on there packs then get the other 2 while they are trying to fix the other alfa, then go into the room through the other way and kick them on there tanks.
More pics at the light house
ok, at the light house there are quite a few animals to take photos of, and these are it ^^

take a photo of the bug.
go outside (take this picture before the shield goes up) and take a photo of the enemies flying around.
there is also a farm armadillo near the switch to turn on the shields (make sure not to go too close or it will burrow.
now run forward and down the path leading to the area that has the tree and all of the glowy things, take a photo of the glowy things.
wait for seagulls to come and take a photo of them.
go back into the light house sand take a photo of a human.
go upstairs and take a photo of the sleeping dog.
find the kids that are half human half goat and get one of them in a photo.

by now you should have the zoom.

go up to the top of the light house and go to the furthest edge of the shield thingos (sorry for no better explanation) zoom in to the bottom of the pole that sticks out from the roof. wait awhile and a weird thing will waddle past, get a photo of it quickly!
and last but not least, get a photo of uncle pay'j (i think that's how to spell his name?)

and that's all from me for now! ^^
Soul control
In the battle with the Domz priest, he will eventually tell you that you are out of control with your soul, and the directional controls will be reversed. A practical way to overcome this is to simply flip the controller upside-down.
the fog cover
when you are in at the point where you are in the slauter houses, you have to take 3 pictures and send them back to iris. in the slauter house you have to go to 3 places to get the the first place you go there is a part where there are 4 alfa sections in position, than on the ground is fog.the way to get past the alfa sections is to walk through the fog, they cant see you in the fog.
Unlock disc mini-game
For those of you missing the last mDisk, it is in a locked item cabinet on the Akuda Bar's first floor (by Francis' table).

To get the code, you will need to register on and enter your sixteen character "save code" (this code is generated each time you save the game) to receive the four digit code for that cabinet (it will depend on your game statistics).
Unlock the beluga spaceship
The codes to unlock the Beluga spaceship are on the bottom of the Jet Boots. Select them and rotate them to see the codes.


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Unlock marble mini-game
Get all 88 pearls and a marble mini-game on an mdisk will be available.