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Beyond Divinity cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Start game with stronger charactor
The first Act of Beyond Divinity, even on the easier settings, can
be a frustrating chore because your characters are so weak and the
opposition is much tougher. This cheat can help you start with
stronger characters and avoid prolonged and epic battles with
lowly Level 2 skeletons.

To start a game with a stronger character open the "Beyond
Divinity" folder on your hard drive, open the "Common" folder, and
double click on the "CharSelStats.dat" file. You'll be promoted to
select a program to use to open the file; select NotePad. [Be sure
to either back up this file, or write down the default attributes,
before changing any text !]

Using NotePad, change the attribute numerals for each character
class (Warrior, Wizard, or Survivor, whichever one applies to the
character you intend to use)to higher values. For example, if you
intend to play as a wizard, starting with a level 9 Intelligence
is helpful; for a warrior, upping the Strength or Agility
attribute to 10 or greater will allow you to promptly use some of
the early-game armor and weapons, rather than selling them or
lugging them in your inventory.

When you're finished, Save the changes and start a new game.