Beyond the Beyond review
Beyond the Beyond Review


Now this game is rare. I don't know any friends that have it and I have not seen it on any sites. So when beginning it I thougt I was in for a disappointment but I was surprized...somewhat.

Well the story is about a young kid named Finn who lives with a friend of his fathers who was once a great knight. His father is a great warrior who works at the castle so time with his son is not always an option.

The land of Filiga is somewhat peaceful except for the Bandore Kingdom who seeks to take over. Finn gets himself caught in the middle and the rest is his quest to survive.

The story I would say is average. I was expecting bad but it is solid with some good plot twists. Though I wouldn't say it is the most innovative.

The gameplay is good but it is pretty much like any standard RPG out on the market at that time.

Now the difficulty I like. It has some fights in there and constantly puts you in danger. Pretty solid IMO. One thing I did not like was the consant random battles after every 5 steps.

Music, well what can I say nothing to brag about but nothing to complain about.

Control is what brought this game down in my book. The buttons were different the what I was used to. Also every time you use a them in the menu it sends you out so if you need to heal everyone you have to go in and out which is really annoying. It takes some getting used to.

All in all this was a solid game. Not too bad not too good just average in the RPG market. If your a hardcore RPG gamer and actually can find it then I say knock yourself out. If not don't bother looking for it.

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