Berserk (PS2) Cheats

Berserk cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Level Up Menu Translation
This is a figurative translation of the Japanese import menu.

* Defence - Increases Gatsu's life meter by the stated percent. Red spriggans collected while playing may increase this skill above normal levels.

* Rage meter - Increases the amount of time Gatsu may remain in berserk mode. Red spriggans collected may increase this skill above normal levels.

* Proficiency - Increases general sword swinging speed and number of hits delivered after dashing. Also changes Gatsu's stance.

* Focus - Increases the number of battle motions available when strafing from zero to two to four. Battle motions are done when strafing; Gatsu needs to move left, right, up, or down (in relation to himself, not the screen) and press SQUARE.

* Combo - Increases the number of blows delivered after TRIANGLE is pressed or held.

* Gun Reloading - Increases regeneration of the gun meter. Red spriggans can increase this skill's amount over the normal level.

* Crossbow Reloading - Increases the regeneration of the crossbow. Red spriggans can increase this skill beyond the normal level.

* Bomb Capacity - Increases the number of bombs thrown each time from one to two to three.

* Knife Capacity - Increases the number of knives thrown each time from one to three to five.

Hint: Spell Menu Translation
Fairy - Casts healing spell or fairy powder. Restores the listed amount of life.

Little Short Kid - Casts fire spell. Creates an explosion around Gatsu. Increasing the skill level increases the diameter of the explosion.

Blond blind kid - Casts ice spell. Immobilizes enemies for listed number of real-time seconds.

Little Witch Girl - Casts defence spell. Decreases damage taken by listed amount for listed duration of real-time seconds.
Unlock Extras
Clear the game on any difficulty to unlock Boss Rush and 100 Animal Murder modes. Boss rush is self-explanatory; 100 animal murder are ten challenges where Guts needs to kill a set number of enemies under various conditions (no spells, no tools, tools only, time limit, low life, counters only, etc.).
Unlock Puck's Wand
While almost all the extra weapons may be unlocked by completing the 100 Animal Murder Challenges, the last weapon can only be earned by clearing out each stage of enemies and ambushes. Once the percentage of the stage is reduced to zero, no more enemies will inhabit that stage.