Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People


Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People review
Only those who quench the thirst for knowledge may summon the Oracle

The good:

  • Soundtrack (reminds me Age of Mythology or an arcade game)
  • Special Greek Design: portraits, menu, icons, Grundislav Games logo and yes/no in Greek
  • A new character: the author of the Paranormal Investigator's handbook
  • For once, you're on vacation... and you know what happens when you're a hero

    The bad:

  • Still short but hey that's Ben Jordan


    Only those who quench the thirst for knowledge may summon the Oracle
    Enigma to solve for summoning the Oracle - Oracle Island

    Ben Jordan is a paranormal investigator, graduated in International Relations. But not wanting to work at the local grocery, he decided to conduct investigations... involving paranormal - after all, it was his passion... Following Alice's near-death, the trio is resting in Simon's home, where Ben is doing some weird dreams. Alice, wanting to move, decides to go to Greece. So, our favorite investigators arrive on vacation but Ben is told to go to Agia Anna, where the Sea People are kidnapping the natives. Without telling his friends, Ben manages to go to the little village where he's investigating the mystery while Alice is visiting and Simon studying his travel guide...

    BJ 6: Scourge of the Sea People is the latest released case in Ben Jordan series but as Grundislav has announced on his blog, he's hopeful for the seventh case to be released the 12th August of this year. Well, BJ is made with the AGS Engine and is an independent game, free and downloadable on the official website.

    Gameplay hasn't improved since the last case in Japan, besides the disappearance of the map for moving from a location to another. It has been replaced by the "Chart a course" on the boat and it's only for going from an island to another one. So basically, everything is the same. You have still the five icons for walking, interacting with your environment, talking with people about everything and nothing (the !), interrogating people, included your friends (the ?) and observing your environment. Note also that during your conversation with Quincy Sanbourne, you can choose any answer you want, it has no incidence on the points challenge.

    The first noticeable difference is the graphics. They're still the same, however, it's the look in the icons and the banner menu without forgetting the frames when a character is speaking. Indeed, it's Ancient Greek's style: an head (changing color according if you want to talk or to question people) typical of the sculpture, a character typical for the pottery (and trust me, I love Greek pottery) for walking, etc. etc. The marber effect is also present. Another new thing is the "fresco" painted on caves, they seem so fresh that I was: "Waow". And last but not least, I love the underwater part, it was so unreal but in the good sense of the term, it was really great for my eyes. Grundislav has been to Agia Annia so, he has the background necessary for reviving the village in the game. Without forgetting that he respected the mythology in his game.

    Soundtrack is also typical from these part of the world. I mean, you hear it, you think about Greece. I was taken back when I was playing Age of Mythology. I love it. It"s relaxing and I"m still trying to find the agsjukebox which can allow to hear any AGS soundtrack without launching the game.

    In this game, you'll meet the author behind the P(aranormal) I(nvestigator) Handbook, provided by the game and with clues to the story or how to beat a monster. In the Case 6, however, the handbook isn't really useful as Quincy Sanbourne doesn't have information about the Sea People. And that's why he's in Agia Anna. He's been told by the same woman as Ben at the airport that the Sea People were striking in the village. So, he's trying to gather information and he's helping Ben, Simon and Alice to solve the mystery. Note also that Quincy doesn't know any Percival Quentin Jones, your famous annoying-turned-friendly investigator from Smailholm (Case 3)... Even when Percy isn't involved, neither in the story or in something he gave to Ben, he manages to come back in the game. Well, by judging Case 7's screenshots, Percy will return in it, so, I'm waiting to confront him about this piece of information... if Grundislav is letting the player do it.

    Anyway, Case 6 is my favorite case, not because I really enjoyed the case like I've with Case 5 but because it was about Greek Mythology and having graduated in archaeology '" antiquity, I'm always enthusiastic with these games (except when it's RTS).

    I'm now waiting for Case 7, being happy to have played the series before its release and I strongly recommend this series.

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