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: : : : Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator - Case 1: In Search of the Skunk-Ape Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

by Numhitzu   Updated to v1.0 on
Ben Jordan - Case 1
In Search of the Skunk-Ape
Produced by: Grundislav Games

| Introduction |

Ben Jordan the Paranormal Investigator is a series of games that revolve
around the Investigator Ben Jordan and his adventures into the
paranormal.After graduating from college and unsuccesfully finding a job, he
decides to
pursue his life-long dream of investigating the paranormal after finding a
handbook online. This case revolves around the mystery of the Skunk-Ape and
the bizarre murders taking place in the Florida Everglades.
This walkthrough, like most of my others, will be completely spoiler-free.
You will not find an iota of plot related information unless it is required
to understand how to proceed. This walkthrough is presented in bullet-format
with secion headers to indicate where the action is taking place. If an action
will give you a point, I will indicate it out to the side of the action.

This game is a classic point-and-click adventure game. Left clicking will
perform the action indicated by your icon, and right clicking will change
the action you can perform. If you move your icon to the top of the screen,
a bar will drop down. In this bar you can change your icon type, open your
inventory, save, load, and quit. In your inventory, there are four options.
The spyglass allows you to examine objects more closesly, the hand allows you
to manipulate it, the arrow adds it to your current icon so you can use it
on objects outside of the window.

With all that, here we go!

| Walkthrough |

Murder Scene (Ugh, what TERRIBLE voice acting!)

_ Question the ranger.
   - Skunk Ape
      - What is the Skunk Ape? - 2 Points
      - Sightings              - 2 Points
      - Animals                - 2 Points
   - Park                      - 2 Points
   - Plan
      - Ranger Rick            - 3 Points
- Manipulate the Corpse
   - Take the Hair from his
     hand.                     - 2 Points
   - Exit out of the screen.
- Open your Inventory
   - Manipulate the Map
   - Select the Ranger Station

- TOTAL POINTS:                - 13 Points

Ranger Station (It's called a CD player, very useful)

- Open the door
- Manipulate the drawers.
   - Recieve the Diuretic       - 2 Points
- Question Ranger Rick
   - Nature Amulet              - 1 Point
- Open your Inventory
   - Manipulate the Map
   - Select the Visitor Center

- TOTAL POINTS:                 - 16 Points

Visitor Center (I'm meeting you hippies half-way)

- Question the Strange Man
   - Protests                     - 1 Point
- Open the Door
- Question the Receptionist
   - Anamatronic Miccosukee       - 1 Point
- Open the Bathroom Door.
   - Take the Toilet paper        - 2 Points
   - Use the Toilet paper on
     the toilet.                  - 3 Points
   - Use the toilet.              - 5 Points
   - Exit to the lobby.
- Use the Diuretic on the Mug
  on the desk.                    - 3 Points
- Manipulate the Display case     - 1 Point
- Exit to outside. Take the
  sign.                           - 2 Points
- Open your Inventory
   - Manipulate the Map
   - Select the Forest.

- TOTAL POINTS                    - 34 Points (Halfway there!)

Forest (Don't have a witty comment for this one :( )

- Use the Sign on the tree with
  several holes in it.           - 3 Points
- Use hair on Sap.               - 2 Points
- Open your Inventory
   - Use the Sappy Hair on the
     Shark Tooth.                - 2 Points
   - Manipulate your Map
   - Select the Visitor's

- TOTAL POINTS                   - 41 Points

Visitor's Center (Last time, I promise.)

- Open the door.
- Exit to the right of the screen.
- Use the notepad on the Coin Slot - 2 Points
- Use the Amulet on the Shaman     - 3 Points
- Manipulate the Coin Return       - 3 Points
- Use the Quarter on the Coin Slot - 2 Points
- Open your Inventory
   - Manipulate the Map
   - Select the Ranger's Station.

- TOTAL POINTS                      - 51 Points

Ranger Station (Any Ranger worth his salt wouldn't be such a wuss)

- Open the Door
- Use the Blessed Amulet on Ranger Rick - 2 Points

- TOTAL POINTS                          - 53 Points

Deep Forest (Hey Rick, let's camp by ourseleves in an area stalked by
             a dangerous ape. Brilliant!)

- Recieve the Compass from Rick     - 1 Point
- Manipulate the Back Pack
   - Recieve Decongestant           - 2 Points
- Exit the Screen to the Left
- Open your Inventory.
   - Use the Arrowhead on the
     Compass                        - 1 Point
- Use the Decongstant on yourself
- See that little nose in the
  corner? Click it, it'll give you
  an obvious clue to the direction
  you should go. Follow it until
  you get to the cave.              - 3 Points
- Enter the Cave
- Manipulate the Nest.
   - Recieve the Stick              - 1 Point
- Open your Inventory
   - Use the spark on the stick     - 1 Point
- Use the Lit Stick on the Hole     - 3 Points

- Walk into the cave
- Exit the cave
- After the cutscene, exit north
- Try to open the door
- Follow him into the next room.
- After all the cutscenes. Act
  quickly, because if time runs out
  your toast. All you have to do is
  manipulate the table.             - 3 Points

- TOTAL POINTS                      - 68 Points


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