[edit] Background

Straight from the arcades, Beatmania is an interactive DJ simulation that puts you at the center of the music. Utilizing a specially designed DJ controller featuring a turntable, players must create and perform the music by hitting the notes that appear on screen and scratching the turntable at the right timing. Beatmania lets you spin the tracks, feel the vibe, drop the beats and create the energy of a club all at your fingertips.

[edit] Gameplay

This game requires a special controller that looks like a DJ turntable. The turntable has a record scratch and 7 keys arranged in a piano-key arrangement (4 white keys on the bottom, 3 black keys on the top, centered in front of the white keys).

Depending on the mode you choose to play, you have these lanes on-screen. Each lane is designated to a key on the turntable as well as the scratch. There is a marker that scrolls down the lane and as it reaches a line at the end, you must press the appropriate key. If you press the key with perfect timing, it will play a sound that's really a portion of the music. And if the note is for the scratch, you simply spin the turntable, which also produces a sound!

The sounds are a part of the soundtrack so if you're off by just a bit or completely miss it, the soundtrack will appear to be "incomplete" or "broken". If you keep hitting the notes with appropriate timing, you will hear a complete and whole soundtrack. Therefore, you'll have to know the song quite well to get a good score.

The game plays something like Dance Dance Revolution, but instead of just following the music, you get to make it.

[edit] Features

-Play the beatmania mode and use 5 keys and the scratch. Ready to play harder? Try the beatmania IIDX mode (two-dee-ecks) and use all 7 keys plus the scratch.
-Have an extra controller? A friend can play competitively with the same amount of keys. Do you want to go further, beyond the single-player modes? Use two controllers at the same time! Play with 10 or even 14 keys plus two scratches at the same time!
-50-plus tracks, plus unlockables. A couple of familiar mainstream licenses and an assortment of Konami Original songs.
-Internet rankings.
-beatmania can record performances and play them back at a later time.
-beatmania has its own assortment of gameplay modifiers just like Dance Dance Revolution. Too hard to read the notes? Even things out with speed modifiers. Make the notes appear or disappear suddenly. Add some difficulty by randomizing the notes to other lanes
-Helpful practice mode helps beginners to learn the game and know some important techniques. Also includes training mode to practice individual songs.

[edit] Hardware Requirements

-Memory card.
-Turntable controller (should always be bundled with the game)
-(Optional): Network adapter and internet connection for internet rankings (slimline PS2s already have a modem and ethernet plug built-in; older model non-slim PS2s need a network adapter).

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  • Publisher: Konami
  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Perspective(s): Flat side view
Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Mar 30, 2006 (PS2)
    • Jun 17, 2000 (PSX)
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