Summer Heat Beach Volleyball (PS2) Cheats

Summer Heat Beach Volleyball cheats, and Codes for PS2.


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More Cheats
Entered in the Cheats Menu.

Make Expert Mode Harder - NAILS
No Arrows - WHINE
Sunny Ball - HOT 1
Nerd Ball - GOLEM
Coconut Ball - MILKY
Low Gravity - SPACE
High Gravity - ZIPPY
Spinning Head Mode - EXOSZ
Squarky Mode - MOUSE
Deep Voices - HORSE
High Jump - HALEN
First Person - 1HEAD
Birds-Eye - BIRDS
The "All Cheats"
Entered in the Options/Game Settings/Cheats Menu.

All Characters - PEEPS
All Locations - 80DAY
All Mini-games - MAJOR
All Music Video's - MUSAK
All Game Video's - GAMON
All Accessories - WERIT
All Costumes - GREED
All Beach House - MYPAD
All Difficulty Modes - CHAMP
Unlock Tina
To Unlock Tina, complete all of the training missions. She will then appear on your roster.