BeyBlade G-Revolution Cheats

BeyBlade G-Revolution cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GBA. Also see GameShark Codes for more BeyBlade G-Revolution cheat codes.


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BeyBlade tips
Activate Engine Gear:
Press A + B.

Summon Bit Beast:
Press L + R.

Hard Combo:
When you crash with the other Blade press Up, Down, A for a hard combo.

Medium Combo:
When you crash with the other Blade press Right, Left, A for a medium combo.

More Damage when using Bit Beast:
When you use your Bit Beast do a Hard combo (press Up, Down, A) to hit and it will do more damage to the other Beyblade (it won't always work).
To get beyblade ratings 4,3,3 works for almost all beyblades
Buy a seaborg beyblade from shop and take away its whale attacker. From Tyson's home you will get some spare parts. And now take your beyblade ex.dragoon storm and equip the following whale attacker,6 balance and bearing if u want u can also equip engine gear. Now it will be a beyblade with 4,3,3 ratings and a fourth level beyblade.


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BBA Tournament
At the start of BBA Tournament the game prompts you to pick two characters. First choose Tyson and then press select. You can participate using only Tyson.