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The good:

High frame-rate backing up superior graphics, interesting and unique cutscene and CGI styles, perfect voice casting and innovative gameplay that carries a lot of replay value. A smoking soundtrack and combination of feeling, depth, seriousness and comedy join a clever plotline threaded through this beauty of a game.


I rented this game expecting something awesome, and it failed to disappoint. I hate to sound like a fanboy but I honestly cannot fault it in any way, shape or form. For me, it's a perfect game.

The story itself revolves around an ancient, violent dispute between two clans, the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages, in their battle for world domination. Set in a modern-ish Europe, mostly in a town called "Vigrid" and surrounding areas, the game focuses on Bayonetta's job of exterminating angels from Heaven as part of a "deal" she made with Hell, and various figures from her lost memories reapparing, all slowly revealing her place in a world domination plot by the Lumen Sages. Enemies and bosses are all drawn on a European theme with the same inspiration in their names (e.g Fortitudo, Temperantia).

The gameplay also jumps between styles occasionally, including a first-person shooter mini-game at the end of each chapter in which the player can earn extra "money" (in the form of "Halos") for use in acquiring items, weapons and techniques in the general game. Other extra gameplay styles include two "racing" sections on motorbikes, and a "shoot 'em up" style stage in which Bayonetta rides a missile toward an island.

A vast number of combat styles, both close and long range, are available, with a combination style unique to this title. Players can unlock and purchase new weapons and abilities, all of which change and are affected by the weapons and items equipped, meaning the player can customize combat based what he or she is comfortable with and finds effective.

Gameplay itself is clearly drawn on the hack & slash genre with some platforming involved, which is unsurprising given the game's inspiration from the Devil May Cry series. However, it is unique in the sense that it combines mostly acrobatic shooting with a melée combat system and Bayonetta's witch powers.

It's incredibly rare to find a game with high graphics, particularly a game that has so many enemies on-screen at once, that can keep up with such a high frame rate and no loss of gameplay.

While the story can be difficult to grasp while playing, it all makes sense in the end, adding a sort of "reward" for players who enjoy plot completing the game.

The gameplay itself is easy to pick up and play for those new to this form of hack & slash shooter combination, and therefore the more advanced controls / techniques in combat are easily grasped by new and veteren players of this genre alike.

And unlike many games of this genre that rely on large-breasted, scarcely-dressed women with guns (Devil May Cry games for example), Bayonetta makes this more of an added bonus to those who may have seen trailers / gameplay footage and bought the game for that purpose alone.

The physics and dynamics of Bayonetta, for example the many gravity-defying scenes of running or fighting on a falling / rotating surface, add something never well-used in many platformers / hack & slash / shooters.

Onto achievements - They are fairly easy to obtain, and unlike many games I've seen, they are very fair achievements that don't require inhuman skill, and aren't an absolute breeze either, and reward you adequately for your efforts. There's something in this for everyone - young and old, new and veteran, innocent and perverted.

It also has a very witty style of humour that may or may not appeal to everyone's sense of humour, that adds that light-hearted sense to the story which gives you confidence in the protagonist Bayonetta and doesn't throw you off the gameplay believing it to be too tedious, as this genre can easily become. Thanks to the humour and confidence boost, you can always tell something good is about to happen from anything bad in the plot.


All in all, I can fault this game in no way at all. Definitely worth every penny, and something to spend an evening going crazy on if you want a new and captivating title.

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