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Battlezone II: Combat Commander Cheats

Battlezone II: Combat Commander cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, hold [Ctrl] and press ~ to display the console screen. Then, enter any of the following codes to activate each cheat:

Infinite ammogame.cheat bztnt
Infinite shieldsgame.cheat bzbody
Infinite pilots and resourcesgame.cheat bzfree
Full mapgame.cheat bzradar
Win missionai.winmission
Instant comsat linkgame.cheat bzview
Play as ISDF after mission 14play isdf
Play as Scion after mission 14play scion


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Destroying a Gun Spire the easy way
Get your Constructor to build a Gun Tower about four green squares from the Gun Spire so he won't get shot and build it there. The Gun Spire will be focused on the Gun Tower so you and your troops can slip past and there's a 98.99% chance that your Gun Tower will win!


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You must hold down CTRL and press the ~ key then a chat box will come down.

game.cheat bzbody: unlimited life

game.cheat bztnt: unlimited amo

game.cheat bzfree: unlimited resources

game.cheat bzradar: prefect radar
edit game
prees ctrl and~ to bring up a chat menu then type game.cheat bzeditor then you can edit the map by pressing shift z / alt z /ctrl z i don't no wich one it is try all of them have fun editing