BattleZone Cheats

Battlezone Cheats
Go to options, then go to the cheat menu. select one of the cheat options and then just type in the code. You just have to move your cursor over a cheat option to select it. If the code is successful you will hear a sound and there will be a "on" icon appear next to the code. When done make sure you press "X" rather than"O" or else all the cheats will be turned off.

L1, <-, ->, square, triangle, R1 always invisible

L1, sqaure, triangle, ->, triangle, R1 Insta gib

->, <-, ->, <-, ->, <- max players

Triangle, L1, square, square, ->, <- Mortar only

start, ->, <-, select, ->, sqaure no auto heal

sqaure, ->, triangle, ->, R1, L1 pick up double time

->, ->, <-. square, R1, L1 Team special recharge

<-, R1, L1, triangle, ->, square unlimited ammo
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