BattleTanx (N64) Cheats

BattleTanx cheats, and Codes for N64.


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Lots and lots of cheats.
PLVRZM- all lets you start out with all weapons.
LTSLTSGNGS- can use all gangs in campaign mode.
LTSFBLLTS- gives you max ammunition. Z button only.
FRGZ- frogs run all over the game area.
TDZ- turns queens into giant frogs.
WMNRSMRTR- unlocks storm raven gang.
CTPLT- makes campaign mode only show the story.

Have fun
-In battle lord don't be afraid to go all out.
-When using nukes make sure there on the opposite side of your base.
-Don't worry about killing every body just go for the main goal.
-Fast times are very useful
-In battle lord worry about taking out all three goliaths before you worry about queens.
-Have fun
weapon powerups
when you are playing battletanx collect 15 of a weapon (except grenades) and press A+B to power up your weapons