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Battle Realms Wolf Clan Strategy Guide

by ACamelo   Updated to v2.0 on
               B AT T L E   R E A L M S  :  W O L F  C L A N
                Battle Realms: Wolf Clan Strategy Guide
                            Version 2
                         Author: "ACamelo"
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                    Date created: February 13, 2002
             Date of Last Update: April 21, 2002 (Version 2)
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                       Approx. Pages: 26 pages
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Hey! ACamelo here! It's my first time sending an In-Depth guide to GameFaqs 
but don't worry I do know how to make one so it won't be much of a problem. 
Battle Realms is a Real Time Strategy Game in an odd land but not that odd. 
Like most strategy, you simply harvest resources, build structures for 
training military units, build up an army and eliminate the enemies. 
Remember RA2 or the other series where you're free to build dozens and 
dozens of units for your disposal? Well, in Battle Realms your limited to 20 
units, 30 units, 40 units or 50 units.
Winning could either be very hard or very easy depending on the strategy 
that you'll be using. Of course, Strategies are very crucial to every gamers 
some of these can either even the odds and some can even over power 

This Guide is made only for the purpose of those who wish on using the Wolf 
Clan. I'll write down some basic to advance game tactics/strategies. I'll 
even try to explain how to make the best use of a wolf unit. You can 
contribute tricks, strategies, tactics, tips etc. or comments, suggestions 
on something. I've experimented no human vs. human players which most of you 
would love to see. So enough of the introduction and continue on with the 
guide just be sure that you've read the E-Mail Policy.


This Walkthrough/FAQ/Strategy Guide is created for personal use only. This 
guide mustn't be used for anything that gains any profit specifically 
Magazine, Game Guides, Commercial Web Sites etc. You're not allowed to rip 
off part(s) of this Game Guide and put it in your own 
Walkthrough/FAQ/Strategy Guide Whatever. Anyone doing this evil stuff is 
guilty of plagiarism, an act of stealing and passing off ideas and words of 
another as one's own without giving the proper credit to the source.

You can put this Guide on your non-commercial, non-profit web site provided 
that you will not change/erase/edit a single character in this document. 
Though you must have my permission first before you can have it up on your 


i.    Updates
ii.   Email Policy
I.    History of the Wolf Clan
II.   Grayback, leader of the Wolf Clan
III.  Wolf Clan Buildings
       - Peasant Hut
       - Combat Pit
       - Ballistics Ground
       - Quarry
       - Vitality Garden
       - Wolves Den
       - Wolfball Court
       - Watch Tower
       - Well
       - Cairn
       - Shalery
       - Keep
IV.   Wolf Clan Units
       - Wolf Clan's Peasants
       - Brawler
       - Hurler
       - Mauler
       - Druidess
       - Pack Master
       - Sledger
       - Ballistaman
       - Pitch Slinger
       - Berserker
       - Werewolf
V.    Wolf Clan Zen Masters
       - Grayback
       - Longtooth
       - Shale Lord
       - Gaihla
       - Monks
VI.   Wolf Units Ability
VII.  Wolf Battle Gear List
VIII. Battle Reference Chart
IX.   Battle Strategy Chart
X.    Wolf Strategies/Tactics
XI.   Wolf Rushing Guide
XIIII. Credit


(February 13, 2002) version .09
Version .09 is what your currently viewing. Expect much work and changes on 
the next version.

(February 19, 2002) version 1.03
Whew... I finally got this guide up. Okay, time for a minor update
o Corrected all possible typos/errors
o Added new strategies for the clan
o FAQs (New Section)
This is a little update for today since I'm trying to update the guide as 
much as possible.

(April 21, 2002) version 2
Whew! Finally! After getting my PC fixed I can finally update this guide.  
There's some new titles up in the table of content like the rushing build 
order steps, Battle Gear commands and I finally able to put up the Serpent 
Tech Tree and much more. Also some new strategies and a separate topic for 
the "Almost Cheating Trick"
o Wolf Units Ability (New Section)
o Wolf Battle Gear List (New Section)
o Wolf Strategies/Tactics (Updated)
o Wolf Rushing Guide (New Section)
o FAQs (Updated)

                            Email Policy

I've put up an Email Policy section only after experiencing the problems I 
got with some of the E-Mails I've been receiving for the past days after 
having a guide posted up. So I've decided to put this section up so please 
read these parts first before trying to email me.

1. Send me questions that you can't find on my guide. I'll be happier to 
help you.
2. Be more specific when asking so I can answer your questions easily.
3. Try checking for the latest version of this guide before sending 
questions, contributing, pointing something etc.
4. When E-mailing me is sure to label the topic with Battle Realms so I'll 
know what are you asking me about.
5. If I happen to forget you, e-mail me again NICELY and I'll respond to it 
6. If I happen to not answer your e-mail it only means that the answer can 
be found in my guide.

1. Don't send me questions that can be answered/found in my guide.
2. Don't send me e-mails that don't have anything to do with the game.
3. No death treats, Bad Words, Chain letters etc. Please
4. Don't be persistent when mailing.
6. No spamming, please avoid it!

If you're found doing anything that's on the Don'ts list will mean that your 
email will less likely to be ignored.

                       History of the Wolf Clan

The Wolf Clan folk live close t nature than the other clans; they are as 
fierce as their namesake, and at times seem primitive and superstitious. The 
Wolf Clan was early arrivals on the island, when long ago their island was 
flooded in the climatic disruptions that followed the breaking of the 
continent. When they put to sea the current in the channel drove them on to 
the shores of the Serpent Clan's Land. There they settled in a high and 
craggy region, isolated, until the Lotus Clan arrived and enslaved them 
after a long bloody struggle.

Wolf Clan tribesmen are brutally strong, and the Lotus used them as laborers 
to mine their own land for metal and minerals. This still shows in their 
fighting style - long denied weapons, they adapted mining tools into combat 
equipment. Spikes and clubs once used to shatter stone were reproved to 
deadly effect when they won a vicious war of liberation, led by a former 
miner named Grayback.

Of all the clan, the Wolf are the most attuned to nature; it is the focus of 
their religion, and even their homes, tools and weapons are fashioned from 
raw stone and uncarved wood. Their culture revolves around a game called 
"Wolfball", roughly a cross between rugby and baseball, that trains them for 
war, keeps them strong and fierce, and embodies their sense of life. Their 
religion and magic are druidic - they worship the power of nature, and draw 
on it to inspire fighters and frustrate foes.

Alone among the Clans, the Wolf Clan does not seek to control or conquer 
enemies - their only goal is to return home. To this end, they hope to 
recapture the Serpent Orb, the ancient artifact by which the land was 
broken, and use it's magic to return them to their island.


The leader of the Wolf Clan, Grayback was the young slave that informed Lord 
Oja of the Lotus' treachery and lead the Wolf uprising. During his years as 
a slave, Grayback was renowned for his considerable mining ability, and he 
still carries his old pickaxe to remind him of the people endured under the 
Lotus. While his ferocity in battle is unmatched, Grayback only wants to 
return to and heal his ravaged homeland so he can live a peaceful life.

                          Wolf Clan's Buildings

To begin with, you can access the building tech tree by pressing the "T" key 
in the keyboard in the game. According to some the building limit is set to 
50 after building enough building up to the limit your peasants cannot build 
any more buildings. I won't post the building tech tree here because you can 
access it anyway.

Okay, here's the Wolf Tech Tree on buildings to those who are lazy enough, 
like me, to even bother going to the menu and all. It's contains the 
abbreviation of the structure's name so just base of the legend for more 
details. Sorry if it's a bit unorganized but it'll do fine. So here it is:

P. Hut    - Peasant Hut
C. Pit    - Combat Pit
B. Ground - Ballistics Ground
Quarry    - Quarry
V. Garden - Vitality Garden
W. Tower  - Watch Tower
W. Den    - Wolves' Den
Cairn     - Cairn
W. Court  - Wolfball Court
Well      - Well
Shalery   - Shalery
Keep      - Keep

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
   |           |           |           |            |
C. Pit        Well - - - Quarry - - V. Garden    +1 W. Tower
   |               |             |
W. Den        Well+Quarry   Quarry+V.Garden
   |               |             |
W. Court         Shalery - - - Cairn
   |                       |
+2 W. Tower         Shalery+Cairn
                         Keep - - - - - +1 W. Tower

Wolf Clan Peasant Hut
These are primitive dwellings, low one-room structures built out of straw, 
mud, animal hides sewn together, and huge heavy slabs of shale, all typical 
building materials for the Wolf Clan. The huts serve almost exclusively as 
sleeping quarters -- they lack windows or chimneys, so most huts have 
outdoor fire-pits in the front yard. The peasants erect posts nearby, strung 
with lines to hang food and wet clothing to dry. Animal bones and hides are 
also used for exterior decoration.

This is the Structure that you should build continuously. The more peasant 
hut you have the faster the peasants generates but the more units you have 
the slower the peasants come out form the hut. Build these structures near 
the resources for faster resources accumulation.

Combat Pit
During their enslavement, Wolf Clan fighters learned to train using the bare 
essentials, in storerooms or clearings or abandoned quarries. The basic 
elements of a Wolf Clan combat pit are these: a sandy clearing with room to 
maneuver, a trainer, and a couple of crude training dummies built of sacks 
or wood. The combat pit is a multi-purpose training area, used by a variety 
of hand-to-hand and ranged units to advance their knowledge of combat.

This Structure trains peasants to Brawlers and can also upgrade other basic 
units to a better one.
Peasants     - Brawler
Hurler       - Ballistaman
Mauler       - Sledger
Pitch Slinger- Berserker

Ballistics Ground
Wolf Clansmen train here in ranged weapons of all kinds: hurlers throw 
stones and balls, and pitch slingers throw weighted bags of sand instead of 
burning pitch. Ballistics grounds are a relatively recent tradition in the 
Wolf Clan, as ranged attacks were considered somewhat cowardly in comparison 
to hand-to-hand fighting, which is perhaps the supreme activity in Wolf Clan 
life. But engagements with archers and Lotus Leaf Disciples forced the Wolf 
Clan to change that philosophy. Soon, units such as pitch slingers and 
hurlers had played a decisive role in several engagements, notably the 
exploits of Longtooth, and the siege at the Coldstream Dig. In recognition 
of their value, Greyback himself established these special grounds for 
honing these skills.

This structure allows you to train peasants to hurlers and can also upgrade 
Peasant      - Hurler
Brawler      - Ballistaman
Mauler       - Pitch Slinger
Sledger      - Berserker

In their slave years, the Wolf Clan was endlessly inventive in using mining 
tasks to train themselves as fighters. The quarry was where they came to 
learn to give their strikes power, breaking rocks the way other 
martial-artists break boards. Here, Wolf soldiers learn the stance and 
mental focus necessary for strikes that shatter stone and bone alike. When 
Lotus overseers came by, all they ever saw were slaves, hard at work 
breaking shale.

This structure allows you to train peasants to hurlers and can also upgrade 
Peasant      - Mauler
Hurler       - Pitch Slinger
Brawler      - Sledger
Ballistaman  - Berserker

Vitality Garden
When the ancient homeland of the Wolf Clan was flooded, it was the 
Druidesses who foresaw the event. On the night before they boarded the arks 
that would save them, there was a final ritual, in which the Druidesses 
collected certain plants and seeds and samples of earth from all the Old 
Places, the secret groves and valleys where their power was strongest. These 
became the beginnings of the vitality gardens in their new home, where a 
Wolf Clan druidess first comes into her power and awareness.

This structure allows you to train peasants to druidess.
Peasant      - Druidess

Wolves Den
The Wolves' Den is where Wolf Clan pack masters raise the wolves they become 
bonded with. Although these dens are built within Wolf Clan settlements, the 
wolves that live there are far from domesticated -- they are simply wild 
wolves that make their home there, and consider the pack masters to be part 
of their pack. The pack masters maintain this situation by a mastery of the 
elaborate social rituals of the wolf, a complex body language for 
communicating fellowship, mastery, and submission. It is the presence of 
these wolves that make horses become nervous when visiting a Wolf Clan 
village. The Wolf Clan has no tradition of riding horses, but they do find a 
use for them in the Wolves' Den, as livestock.

This structure allows you to train peasants to pack masters. This is the 
wolf counterpart of the other clan's stable. One horse brought to the Den is 
equal to 2 Pack Wolf.
Peasant      - Pack Master

Wolfball Court
The Wolfball court is the Wolf counterpart of the Town Squares etc. It 
increases the storage capacity of your resources. It is also very essential 
to build this up to enable 2 more Towers and allows you to build the Keep.

Watch Tower
Wolf Clan watchtowers are easily recognizable from their construction -- 
crude and strong, using thick tree trunks and a single thick slab of rock. 
The Wolf soldiers disdain ladders, and have learned to clamber up the 
crossbars. Watchtower duty is disliked in the Wolf Clan only as it keeps one 
out of hand-to-hand battle. Some favor it, since it does show bravery (the 
watchman is inevitably something of a target), and during the long nights 
one can be alone with the wide forests and silent mountains.

Watch Towers are very important when defending. Every watchtower has its 
unique watch tower charge that helps on defending your town. Wolf's Watch 
Tower slows down the enemies.

The well is an essential building for the Wolf Clan. Just place it very 
close to a peasant hut and you'll save enough time and the gathering of 
water supply will be faster. Well is required for the Shalery so you really 
do need this. Two benefits at the price of one though the price isn't that 

The Cairn is where Druidess gets their Blessing BG. It's very useful to 
build one and have some Druidess learn Blessing BG. With the Blessing BG you 
can bestow better Battle Gears to your Wolf Units though most Wolf Clan 
users prefer the Shale armor but is good to have some variations.

Wolf Clan fighters armor themselves in black shale, a sedimentary rock 
formed from clay pressed into thin sheets that is very common in the Wolf 
Clan's mountainous territory. Shale breaks easily into the plates and slabs 
the Wolves need, and their use of it reflects their belief in the power of 
raw, natural forms. Inside the shalery, the stone is treated and hardened by 
a secret process, becoming less brittle.  These are then fixed to straps for 
attachment to limbs and chests.

The Shalery gives your wolf units (except peasants) shale armor. The Shale 
Armors gives 25% bonus resistance on every category only giving the magic 
resistance 50% bonus. A Very useful BG.

This structure allows you to summon Zen Masters with the price of rice, 
water and yang. Zen Masters are good addition to your army, they have good 
innate ability that when used properly gives a devastating result.

                            Wolf Clan's Unit

Wolf Clan's Peasants
Wolf Clan peasants are stocky laborers, accustomed to heavy lifting and 
hauling. Many were liberated from the mines by Greyback himself, and remain 
fiercely loyal to their liberators. Like all Wolf clansmen, they appear 
primitive, with rough stone or unadorned metal tools. Although brutish in 
aspect, they are diversely skilled, with the aptitude to train for a variety 
of advanced roles.

They are your basic units though they aren't that well at melee combat but I 
could say that Wolf Clan's Peasants are the strongest peasants in the game. 
It quite funny to see them tame horses.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: The Wolf clan can upgrade their peasants with 
more health. You should see how wolf peasant kills Zymeth with out any help 
from trained units ^_^.

Brawlers are burly veterans of the shale mines. Their two-fisted fighting 
style is actually adapted from a mining technique - in crevices too small to 
swing a hammer or pickaxe, a stocky miner (chosen for being good with his 
fists) was given a pair of oversized brass knuckles to chip away shards of 
rock. In the slave revolt, Lotus clan slave-masters found the same technique 
turned against them.

Brawlers are quite useful much like swordsman and spearman he has the battle 
gear called Zen Counter Punch that can kill Zen Masters with one hit or 
critically damage an enemy. Brawlers deals cutting damage though they don't 
have long-range weapons their melee ability is good to great.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Upgrade them and they'll match those 2nd-tier 
units. Mix Brawlers with Zen Counter Punch and Brawlers with Shale Armors. 
These big guys can make Zen Masters a laughing stock.

Wolf Clan hurlers blur the distinction (already debatable) between the 
brutal sport of Wolfball, and actual battle. Each hurler carries a long 
staff with a scoop on the end that they use to pick up and hurl rocks at 
their opponents, achieving impressively high velocities. This seems to 
differ very little from their role in Wolfball itself - to those unfamiliar 
with the game, it is impossible to tell whether Wolfball hurlers use their 
sticks to transfer possession of the ball, or simply to inflict harm with 
it. At Wolf Clan festivals competitions are held for the longest range and 
the heaviest projectiles.

Hurlers are very useful though the low resistance they have they should be 
using their long range attacks and have other better melee fighters engage 
in melee combat. Give them the Lava Rock BG and watch them take down 

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Group a bunch of Hurlers with Lava Rock BG watch 
the skies for a meteor shower ^_^. This guys can make short work of nearby 
watchtower though their poor-average range they'll be taken out by 
watchtower before they can start enough troubles again mix hurlers with the 
shale armor BG though the meteor shower show won't be that grand.

Maulers are burly veterans of the shale mines. Their two-fisted fighting 
style is actually adapted from a mining technique - in crevices too small to 
swing a hammer or pickaxe, a stocky miner (chosen for being good with his 
fists) was given a pair of oversized brass knuckles to chip away shards of 
rock. In the slave revolt, Lotus clan slave-masters found the same technique 
turned against them.

These little guys do pack up a punch. Upgrade them to the fullest and give 
them the shale armor and watch them take down enemy units. Mix Maulers with 
the wrecking ball BG and they'll make short work of those pack wolves or 
those units that'll swarm them.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Wrecking ball!!! I don't give them shale armor 
except when I'll take down watchtower though I give that job to the pitch 
lingers. They're a good back-up unit. Have them guard your main force and 
when they try to charge you bring in these guys and turn their BG on and 
watch those running enemy units kneel down before you.

Women are caretakers of the mystical side of Wolf Clan culture, their 
worship of the harmony and balance found in nature. Although all clansmen 
take part in Wolf religion, it is the Druidesses are who wield its power. 
Once they are trained, they can sense the awesome forces in nature, and to 
some extent they can command them to aid their friends and hinder their 
foes. Some of this power flows in all the Wolf Clan fighters, and under the 
right circumstances the Druidess can mystically augment her clansmen's 
abilities, calling forth nature's strength in them. Although women do not 
become warriors in the Wolf Clan tradition, the Druidess is in many ways the 
backbone of the clan, the keeper of their lore and history. No one has 
forgotten that it was the Druidesses who foresaw the breaking of the world, 
and enabled her to survive the disasters that followed.

The best assist unit in the clan. Though they aren't like geisha's or 
channelers they have the ability to entangle enemy much like stunning them. 
Upgrade their abilities like prolonging the entangling ability of the 
druidess. Though they aren't good against other units but they entangling 
ability pays for it.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: This woman does sure know how to hold a guy 
down. Be sure to have a good melee fighter behind her. Its good to your 
melee fighters finish the job for them.

Pack Master
Some Wolf Clan members have a greater affinity for their totem animal, and 
these pack masters are capable of bonding with wolves to form a tiny wolf 
pack of their own. This occurs through a complex and nuance negotiation, 
involving mock combats and body language whereby the Pack Master establishes 
him as dominant and the pack leader to two wolves. These wolves travel and 
sleep with him, and will defend him to the death -- their loyalty is 
unwavering. When the wolves die they can be replaced, although the emotional 
cost to the pack master is significant. Because of their ability to meet and 
understand the wolf on its own terms, pack masters are highly respected 
within the Wolf Clan.

Pack Masters are those guys who got wolves following them around. Pack 
Masters can have up to 3 pack wolf following them. They have a nice 
resistance and are good rush units. At long range they command their wolves 
to attack the target enemy, though they aren't the best melee fighter 
swarming your enemies with pack wolves and having your long-range fighters 
kill those enemies. Just give them the Shale Armor BG I don't find the Call 
Wolf BG that useful.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I love these muscled guys. With them around I 
always carry some Pitch slingers and some Ballistaman. I always use these 
guys for rushing enemies just be sure to bring Pitch Slingers to take down 
buildings and towers.

The Sledger unit is all about raw crushing power. Like many Wolf Units, this 
style of fighter originated in the shale mines: when a boulder or vein made 
of a harder rock like granite simply had to be broken up, there were a few 
Wolf clansmen on call who were strong enough to do it. Wielding enormous 
outsized sledgehammers made of the strongest material available; they would 
break the blockage up into manageable chunks to be hauled away. During the 
rebellion, these same men were instrumental in breaking up slaver 
barricades, strong points and formations. Lighter units would surround and 
contain slavers who had barricaded themselves in, and wait for a sledger to 
arrive. The slavers would turn pale as the crowd around their refuge parted 
to reveal the massive sledger who had arrived to break open their defenses

The Wolf Clan's unit with an oversized weapon. They can take down building 
better than any other melee fighter (well except for the Shale Lord) Though 
I don't go on an all-out Sledger I train to a minimum of 3 Sledger blessed 
with the Stun Slam BG. When your troops engaged in melee battles have this 
guys Stun Slam one at a time it'll just make that battle easier and to 
prevent those Kabuki to try and Flash Powder their way. They make a good 
support unit for their Stun Slam BG.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: It's quite funny to watch a swarming Sledger 
takes down the whole enemy base. Their oversized hammers are good for those 
long-range attackers that lacks in the blunt weapon resistance. They can 
make a short work out of the enemy buildings. Give the Stun Slam BG mix in 
with some Berserkers and Pitch Slingers and see the destruction unfold. Use 
the Stun Slam BG one at a time.

Wolf Clan's unit with another oversized weapon loaded on its back. 
Ballistaman carries an oversized crossbow, which he uses for battle. I find 
these Ballistamen a good support unit. Their BG called Totem gives a very 
big support to your clan in both defending and attacking. I don't give them 
the Shale Armor BG just bless them with your Druidess and they'll be a 
better support unit.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Who said that the Sledger only carries an 
oversized weapon? Their weapon really looks heavy judging from how they 
carry it. I only find them good because of their skill Totem. Like the Death 
Sentry the Ballistaman shoots a small figure in the battlefield and it makes 
all wolf clan unit near it fight with added damage and slows down enemy 
units near it. The best support unit in the clan for its Totem BG.

Pitch Slinger
Pitch Slingers are my favorite unit. Give them the Scorched Earth battle 
gear and mix them with Pack Masters and Pack Wolves. As they engage on melee 
combat throw in the scorched earth BG and you'll make the pack master/wolf's 
job easier. A Pitch Slinger grouped by 6 or 8 can easily put down enemy 
buildings. I use them for rushing mix with some Pack Masters.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I love these guys. What are those things that 
they throw around? Flaming rings? Well anyway I like them better with the 
Shale Armor group 6 of them and 6 Pack Masters with 3 Pack Wolves each. Rush 
your opponent and it'll slow him down completely. The thing here is when 
attacking building wait for the building to burn then move on to the next.

They're the fastest 4-tier units in the game. They're strong melee fighters 
even stronger with the Shale Armor BG. A well-scattered resistance that can 
be countered with the SA BG. I use this guys for my second rush accompanied 
by Pitch Slingers and some Druidess. Watch them fight if you see a Berserker 
that's almost close to death bless him and quickly toggle the Lycanthrophy 
BG. They'll turn to Werewolf with fresh HP and Stamina.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: What can I say? They're the last leveled unit so 
I guess they're strong. I give them the Shale Armor BG upgrade their damage 
and you've got yourself a mean killing machine. A Berserker with shale armor 
can kill 2 Warlock all by himself. Berserker are Lotus' Nightmare this guys 
can make them look silly in the battle field with the Shale Armor. If you 
got a fast hand and a fast eye (like me) accompany your Berserkers with 
Druidess with the blessing BG ones they're about to die bless them and 
quickly turn them into a werewolf and you got yourself a fresh new unit.

I don't use them that much only if a Berserker is about to die. I've 
experimented on them and notice some things. Their resistance is equal to 
Ronins and Samurais, without the Shale Armor (which they couldn't have) 
they're nothing to magic attacks from the Lotus Clan but if you find Vetkin 
and other mounted units annoying then the Werewolf will serve you well. They 
run fast like mounted units and their Stamina decreases very slowly (though 
Vetkin's stamina doesn't decrease). They can be used for running after 
peasants who's thinking of rebuilding a new town or when Arah tries to make 
fun of your Peasants.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I only use them when Berserkers are dying. They 
got a not so good resistance average and are almost weak from the Lotus Clan 
though they got the cool look. They can match Ronins and Samurais even with 
those Yin/Yang Blades on.

                         Wolf Clan's Zen Masters
Most of the Wolf Clan's Zen Masters are huge (well all except for Gaihla 
who's really small). He's a good close combat fighter but sucks when 
encountering Warlocks/Master Warlock for its poor Magic Resistance. But that 
doesn't make him a weak Zen Master his Battle Gear ability makes surrounding 
allies deal more damage, which IS very useful.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I love this guy since he's the leader of the 
Wolf Clan and can really deal damage. I only use his innate ability to make 
all nearby allies deal more damage. To make him do fight well brings in some 
Berserkers and a bunch of either Pitch Slingers or Ballistaman.

The Wolf Clan's long ranged hero. He uses a boomerang that deals a magical 
damage to the enemies. He's good at defending and attacking. His Battle Gear 
ability is much like the Trample ability but better. Turn his BG on and 
target the farthest enemy and watch his boomerang deals damage when passing 
through a not targeted enemy.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Cool innate ability. I use him only for 
defending but not up on a tower. I make full use of his cool BG that can 
really hurt your opponents really well. He's though for a long range unit 
though his range is limited.

Shale Lord
..And here comes everyone's favorite... The Shale Lord. He's the big 
muscled guy covered with Shale. I use his Battle Gear ability when fighting 
under famine conditions. You can spare 30 rice, 30 water and time as well 
for giving your troops the Shale Armor. He can bless any Wolf units with the 
Shale Armor for free. Also, nobody takes down buildings like this guy only 
lacking in some resistance since he's Shale himself he suppose to have a 
better Resistance don't you think?

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: When trying to save some resources I have him 
around for giving my units Shale Armor for free (only a few clicking and 
some more clicks). When attacking I don't have him engage in a melee combat 
I have him take down buildings with the Pitch Slingers.

The smallest Zen Master in this clan and the only healing unit. Her ability 
to heal all surrounding allies is great. When not battling have her stay in 
the rice field to hasten the growth of it. She's good with the Rice Growth 
set on slow so you can really make full use of it and to see the effect as 

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I though that she would be another Zen Master 
that's big but the Brawlers and Hurlers proves to be bigger. But size 
doesn't matter right. She's a great support unit because of her innate 
ability to heal surrounding allies. I just make her run up to the center and 
use her BG but be careful she's not a good melee fighter.

You can get a limit of 4 of these guys. They are better than ninja even 
without a long-range attack. Their ability to heal themselves is the best. 
Though I don't rely on Monks as a wolf clan.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I don't use them that much only if I got a lot 
of Yang to spare which could not be possible as a wolf clan. Wolf clan's 
Yin/Yang Acquisition is very slow but when you gather up some Yang the 
upgrades are far too much for an upgrade. Only use them for additional 

                            Wolf Units Ability
Maybe you've already noticed that aside from most units' simple attack or 
defending skills/powers, most units possess their own unique and special 
ability that makes them even different from the other units. Notice how 
Gaihla spreads flowers when the Rice Source starts to run low? Or Koril is 
almost impossible to be hit by projectile attacks? These are their innate 
ability so let's continue to find out.

All Wolf Units have the same innate ability - Regeneration: The unit can 
naturally heal to full health and does so slightly faster than normal.

Gaihla - Forest Friend: Not slowed by forest terrain. Crop Blessing: Rice 
regrows more quickly when she idles near it.

Longtooth - Climber: His speed is unaffected by slopes.

Shale Lord - Battle Lust: While he is fighting, he slowly regains stamina.

Monk - Ninja Detection: Monks will sense nearby invisible ninja and attack 

Wolves - Regeneration: The wolf can naturally heal to full health and does 
so slightly faster than normal.

                          Wolf Units Battle Gear List
Here's the list of all the Battle Gears that are given to the Wolf Clan. 
I'll break it down to where you can acquire it. I won't explain much about 
the battle gear because the explanation with it explains it all.

                                 *  Shalery  *

All Wolf Units have the same Battle Gear - Shale Armor: Sturdy hewn from the 
hills protects units, especially against magic.

                                  *  Cairn  *

Druidess - Blessing: Bestow new powers upon Wolf units: get more from the 
Cairn, starting limit of three charges.

                                *  Blessing  *

Brawler - Zen Counterpunch: A one-time attack severely damages an enemy or 
instantly kills a Zen Master.

Hurler - Lava rock: Thrown rock now do area-effect explosive damage.

Mauler - Wrecking Ball: The Mauler spins to damage all adjacent enemies: 
continually drains stamina.

Pitch Slinger - Scorched Earth: Throw a sigh-extending pitch mine to the 
targeted location: one per unit, limit six per team.

Pack Master - Howl: Call wolves from the wolves' den to your side.

Sledger - Stun Slam: Strike the ground to stun nearby enemies at the cost of 

Ballistaman - Totem: Fires a carved totem that slows nearby enemies and 
improves the fighting abilities of wolf units.

Berserker - Lycanthropy: Berserker transforms into a werewolf.

Werewolf - Wolf's Bite: Next attack does critical damage at the cost of 
stamina. If the target dies he transforms into a wolf.

                         Battle Reference Chart
The Battle Reference Chart can be freely viewed/obtained from the official 
Battle Realms website. I don't claim any copyright from the chart because I 
just copied it from the site. This chart will be very useful so you can 
fight the odds better.

Weapon Damage:
Me - Melee     Mi - Missile

Armor Rating:
e - excellent   ave - average
g - good       min - minimum     pr - poor

Damage Type: (Armor Vs.)
P - Piercing   B - Blunt          Ex - Explosion
C - Cutting    M - Magic          Pw - Pack Wolf     F - Fire

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|    NAME       | WEAPON DMG   |           ARMOR VS.      |
|               | Me     Mi    |  C   P   B   Ex   M   F  |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
| Ballistaman   |  P     P     |min |min| e | pr | g |min |
| Berserker     |  C    n/a    | e  |ave|min|  e |min| e  |
| Brawler       |  C    n/a    | g  |min| g |min |min|min |
| Druidess      |  M     M     |min |min|min|min |min| e  |
| Hurler        |  B     B     |min | g |min| e  | g | e  |
| Mauler        |  B    n/a    |min |min| g |min | e | e  |
| Pack Master   |  B    n/a    | g  | g | g |min | g |ave |
| Pack Wolf     |  P     Ex    |min |min|min|min |min|min |
| Wolf Peasant  |  P    n/a    |min |min|min|min |min| e  |
| Pitch Slinger |  F    n/a    | e  |min|min| g  |pr | e  |
| Sledger       |  B    n/a    | g  |min|min| e  |pr | e  |
| Werewolf      |  P    n/a    | g  |ave| e |min |min|pr  |
| Gaihla        |  C    n/a    |min | e | e |min | e |pr  |
| Grayback      |  P    n/a    | g  | e | g | pr |pr |min |
| Longtooth     |  M     M     | g  | g | g | pr |pr |min |
| Shale Lord    |  B    n/a    | e  |ave| e | pr |pr | e  |

                         Battle Strategy Chart
The Battle Strategy Chart can be freely viewed/obtained from the official 
Battle Realms website. I don't claim any copyright from the chart because I 
just copied it from the site. This chart will be very useful so you can 
fight the odds better. The following are the possible enemies you could 
encounter and listed below are the units you can use to counter them. Some 
match-up requires the use of Battle Gears and some tactics to gain the 
maximum effect.

Dragon Enemy                       Counter With
Archer                   -       Berserker, Werewolf
Chemist                  -       Hurler, Sledger
Dragon Warrior           -       Brawler, Berserker
Geisha                   -       any unit
Kabuki Warrior           -       Hurler, Mauler
Dragon Peasant           -       any unit
Sumo Cannoneer           -       Berserker, Brawler
Samurai                  -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Spearman                 -       Hurler, Druidess
Arah (Zen Master)        -       Mauler, Berserker
Garrin (Zen Master)      -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Kazan (Zen Master)       -       Werewolf, Druidess
Otomo (Zen Master)       -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Tao (Zen Master)         -       Mauler, Ballistaman

Serpent Enemy                      Counter With
Bandit                   -       Hurler, Werewolf
Cannoneer                -       Brawler, Mauler
Crossbowman              -       Berserker, Brawler
Fan Geisha               -       Brawler, Sledger
Musketeer                -       Werewolf, Pack Master
Necromancer              -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Serpent Peasant          -       any unit
Raider                   -       Berserker
Ronin                    -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Spirit                   -       WarriorHurler, Mauler
Swordsman                -       Sledger, Werewolf
Zombie                   -       Brawler, Pitch Slinger
Budo (Zen Master)        -       Brawler
Shinja (Zen Master)      -       Pitch Slinger
Utara (Zen Master)       -       Ballistaman
Vetkin (Zen Master)      -       Sledger, Pitch Slinger

Wolf Enemy                         Counter With
Ballistaman              -       Pitch Slinger, Berserker
Berserker                -       Sledger, Pack Master
Brawler                  -       Pitch Slinger, Werewolf
Druidess                 -       Mauler, Pack Master
Hurler                   -       Brawler, Mauler
Mauler                   -       Brawler, Ballistaman
Pack Master              -       Pitch Slinger
Pack Wolf                -       Pitch Slinger
Wolf Peasant             -       any unit
Pitch Slinger            -       Hurler, Druidess
Sledger                  -       Mauler, Werewolf
Werewolf                 -       Pitch Slinger
Gaihla (Zen Master)      -       Brawler, Berserker
Grayback (Zen Master)    -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
Longtooth (Zen Master)   -       Pitch Slinger, Druidess
The Shale Lord (Zen Master) -       Ballistaman, Druidess

Lotus Enemy                       Counter With
Blade Acolyte            -    Sledger, Werewolf
Brother Lythis (blades)  -    Sledger, WerewolfSledger, Pitch Slinger
Brother Sehk (staff)     -    Sledger, WerewolfBrawler, Mauler
Brother Tausil (leaf daggers)     -    Hurler, Berserker
Channeler                -    any unit
Diseased One             -    Ballistaman, Druidess
Infested One             -    Brawler, Werewolf
Leaf Disciple            -    Brawler, Pack Master
Master Warlock           -    Pitch Slinger, Sledger
Lotus Peasant            -    any unit
Staff Adept              -    Druidess, Pitch Slinger
Unclean One              -    Mauler, Ballistaman
Warlock                  -    Hurler, Berserker
Issyl (Zen Master)       -    Mauler, Hurler
Koril (Zen Master)       -    Brawler (Blessing BG)
Soban (Zen Master)       -    Mauler, Brawler
Zymeth (Zen Master)      -    Pitch Slinger

Miscellaneous Enemy                Counter With
Horse                    -    Ballistaman, Werewolf
Lotus Shadow Steed       -    Ballistaman, Werewolf
Monk                     -    Mauler, Ballistaman
Ninja                    -    Hurler, Pack Master

                  Wolf Clan Strategies/Tactics
Note: That some of the following Strategies/Tactics listed bellows are 
contributed by the readers of the guide if you wish to contribute like they 
did just follow the E-Mail Policy.  Some of the strategies aren't set in 
default mode meaning some are probably made with the setting of a high 
population or maybe the game speed is altered to the fastest.

"When using the wolf clan, take advantage of your powerful melee units." 
Wolf Clan I think is the fastest clan in the game. With this in mind you'll 
have bigger advantage when rushing.

Dynamic Duo -  Quickly build a Combat Pit then a Wolves Den send 2 peasants 
to gather horses and continue building the following structures - a 
Ballistics Ground and a Quarry. While gathering horses train 4-5 Pack 
Masters with 3 wolves each and some Pitch Slinger around 5-8. Send them to 
your opponent's base and start the chaos. I've been using this strategy for 
a long time and it has the percentage of - 50% that they can take down the 
whole enemy base and 50% they can really slow down your enemy giving you a 
bigger edge in the game. While your force march to your opponent's base 
continuously train Berserkers and Pitch Slingers with Shale Armor." - 

"Shale Armor Rocks!!! Train a bunch of Berserkers and Sledgers and give them 
the Shale Armor BG. And watch them tear a whole base down even sweeter when 
encountering Lotus Units" - ^Puppet^Master^

"When defending I prefer putting Pitch Slingers up on watchtowers than 
Ballistaman I make use of their Totem BG Slow+Higher Damage for Wolf Units 
pretty sweet. Mix in with Maulers that has the wrecking ball BG the slow 
effect will annoy most units plus better chance for the Maulers to pack big 
damage." - Natures_Fang

"Werewolf... though some would prefer Berserker with Shale Armor. They're 
better melee fighter than the Berserkers though scattered resistance much 
like Samurais and Ronins good things about this guys are their Stamina they 
could run back for defending without spending all their stamina when running 
and they could bring 2 pack wolves with them." - ^S(=)!nJ@^BI_aD3^

"Berserker, Sledger and Druidess a heck of a team. Druidess for entangling 
enemies giving the Berserker and the Sledger to deal damage or the Sledger 
can use his Stun Slam BG much like using Flash Powder." - S#L#A#S#H

"Ballistaman with the Totem BG mixed with Berserker/Werewolf and you got a 
great team makes me think about the Shack and Kobe combination. The Totem 
for slowing and giving your melee units bigger advantage during battles and 
Berserkers/Werewolf for cleaning up the job." - ^Wolf^Cry^

"Wolf Clan is very good at melee combat even their 1st level units are good 
at it. Brawlers and Maulers are better with their Zen Counter Punch 
(Brawler) and Wrecking Ball (Mauler). Brawlers' Zen Counter Punch BG makes 
short work of those pesky Zen Heroes much like swordsman's Glass sword BG. 
The Wrecking Ball Works even better against Wolf units or those units who 
just swarm in like Kabukis to use their overpower Flash Powder BG." - Ezreal 

"I love this clan mainly because of the ability of Gaihla to speed up rice 
production. This makes the Wolf Clan good under the condition of slow Rice 
Production giving you better advantage too bad Lotus' Zymeth can be better 
at this times." - ^The Nymph Gaihla^

Having difficulties where to set up your defense? Circumstances such as 
these could probably happen when you're using a kind of terrain (a plain or 
less elevated map or something). It would mean that a terrain can have 
several routes in and out near your camp, and in results will toggle you to 
build up a defense at any possibilities of enemy rush. - "Nobita Suneo 

Of course, no one will regret the Watchtower as a primary defense. Wolf 
Watchtower can stun enemies at long radius. Stun will cost lots of the 
towers energy. Always build each WT away from its radius. 4 watch tower for 
many possible route, quite simple. - "Nobita Suneo Trinidad"

You can effectively use the scorched earth to scout at first. Scorched earth 
is a scouting tool (an offensive weapon in some way). Get a pitch slinger 
and 2 druidess w/ 6 blessings. Find and think where to place the scorched 
earth. Here are some of my hints. Do place it at the slope, an elevated 
place where no one can notice or step on it. Under the tree or even at the 
river, at any possible route. Moreover, place it away from your camp. Note, 
you can only set up to 6 scorched earth. Why will these work? Well, being 
prepared will bring you a more promising defense. When you see incoming 
troops at the range of scorched earth, you'll be alerted and prepared. 
You'll want a superior defensive strategy to plan with in an area, while 
your enemies are still far. It's up to you what unit will you use for 
defense.  My best defense is a school of ballistamen (8 or more, grouped 
together, w/ eagle eye upgraded), teamed up with druidess (5 or more, 
upgraded w/ mothers earth, I usually scatter them). Use melee units too. 
When encountering CPU Lotus, use berserker with shale armor as your melee. 
If you have time, match a wolf in every ballistaman to protect them from 
rushing melee opponents in addition to the entangle ability of druidess. 
Using totem can be more effective, fire it where a battle between 2 melee 
counterparts take place. Caution!!!. Staff Adept can absorb missile weapons, 
be sure to park your melee units. Also when encountering Samurais w/ dragon 
skin. Tip:), during the battle, if you have summoned Gaihla, you can use her 
to heal all your damaged ballistamen in a large group. Press B (default BG 
toggle) to use Gaihla's healing ability. Let her stand and do nothing 
(Hotkey, O) Behind your ballistamen, never let her engage at the battle. - 
"Nobita Suneo Trinidad"

Anti flashpowder boys(kabukis w/ flashpowder bg strategy) for me i think the 
best defense against kabukis who love blinding everybody is to make sure 
they don't even come near you. how? i've been discreetly testing strategies 
on my friend who plays dragon(and he loves kabukis). i've noticed that he 
would attack me w/ at least 4 kabuki warriors(with flashpowder of course) 
and a huge band of archers with the fire arrows bg. now what he would do is 
lure my melee fighters(berzerkers, sledgers, etc...),blind them then have 
his archers peck them to death, then he would start burning my buildings. i 
noticed that my druidesses weren't doing anything, they were just waiting 
for either the archers of the kabukis to kill them. i've put into mind that 
melees are can do nothing about those kabukis so i tried putting my 
druidesses in the front line(sounds crazy?). when the kabukis came rushing 
in they were all entangled then my melee fighters came and finished them, 
then the archers.
* summary: no matter how powerful a melee unit is(except maybe a zen master) 
he has no or very little chance of withstanding flashpowder attacks. as much 
as possible avoid contact with these guys. build lots of druidesses to hold 
them then finally have your melee to kill them. believe me you'll save many 
of your melee units' life - "Ian Golamco"

The strategies found below are taken from I claim 
no copyright with the strategies below.

Use Shale Armor! - While the Wolf Clan has fairly scattered resistances to 
help develop a rounded army, shale armor is still going to be very effective 
on anyone you don't plan on giving the blessing Battle Gear to. This 
strategy is also effective for primary damage units even if you are using 
the other Battle Gear. You can use the men with Shale Armor to buffer those 
with none in order to pull off other Battle Gear, some of which take a 
moment or two to operate. This is also effective early on since the Shalery 
is relatively low on the tech tree, and it will make your units that much 
harder to kill when your opponent doesn't have any techniques or Battle Gear 

Siege Units - Use siege units effectively. Much of the Wolf Clan's power 
comes in the form of siege units (a siege unit is one which does lots of 
damage to buildings). If you are having a tough time with an opponent's 
defensive line, there's nothing like sledgers, maulers, and pitch lingers 
with shale armor to take down those towers. Also, once you have access to 
the Shale Lord, no one takes down buildings like this guy. If you were using 
a siege strategy I would also recommend getting the upgrade to damage for 
sledgers (Petrified Wood).

Switch Battle Gears - Don't underestimate other Battle Gear. Many people 
will, after witnessing a nice improvement in combat performance, tend to 
stick with Shale Armor. Try using the other Battle Gear. While your units 
might not be quite as tough, effective use of things like Wrecking Ball and 
Totem can be equally effective. Stun Slam is very effective to give you some 
time to use other Battle Gear or just wail on some of the tougher units. 
Scorched Earth reveals a huge line of sight (more than most units will) and 
is therefore an effective scouting tool. If they aren't paying attention 
they might step on it and take some damage as well. Totem is very handy for 
defense. You can just set one up next to a tower, and then add in the slow 
effect of the tower and units for defense and its pretty nasty. When the 
enemy outnumbers you, Wrecking
Ball works well since you hit multiple Opponents as they surround you to 

Free Units - The Wolf Clan actually has two ways to get free units for its 
army. First is the Lycanthropy Battle Gear, which, if used correctly when a 
berserker is about to die, will instead replace what would otherwise be a 
corpse with a brand new werewolf. The other way is through using wolves. Any 
wolf unit can have wolves following it. Werewolves and heroes get 2, the 
Packmaster gets 3, and others all get 1. The wolves will fight alongside 
your men and provide many extra targets for the enemy to attack. They might 
not do a ton of damage, but there's nothing like watching four or five 
swordsmen waste glass swords on a couple of wolves.

Heal Your Wolves - Once you buy the "Herbalists" technique from the Vitality 
Garden, pull your damaged Wolf units out of combat. They'll heal to 100% 
health if they stand still for a short period of time.

Early Rush Tactic - As soon as possible, build a Wolves' Den and get 2 
Peasants to catch horses. Build up a force of 4 Packmasters each with 3 
Wolves (total of 16 units, trained in the time it takes to train 4 
first-tier units). Rush the enemy and engage them. This probably won't kill 
off your opponent, but it will severely damage his production ability, thus 
giving you the opportunity to build some bigger units (Sledgers, Hurlers 
with lava rock, etc.).

The Power of Wolves - Wolves should never be underestimated. Wolves are Rose 
in the Wolves' Den on fresh horsemeat. To raise Wolves, order one of your 
Peasants to gather wild horses. Gathered horses will be deposited into the 
Wolves' Den and used to raise wolf cubs. To give a Wolf to one of your 
units, send the unit into the Wolves' Den. Most Wolf Clan units can only 
have one Wolf pet at a time. However, the Packmaster can have up to three 
Wolves and the Werewolf can have up to two. Peasants cannot have Wolves, and 
will instead train into Packmasters upon entering the Wolves' Den. That pet 
will fight and die for its master. This makes Wolves a great source of 
protection For all your units, especially your peasants, Druidesses, and 
long-range units. Although not very tough, Wolves add melee damage potential 
to all units. They can be very effective when used with fighting Druidesses 
since a Druidess has the ability to entangle an enemy, thus giving the Wolf 
free attacks on the opponent. Also, The Pack Master is another good unit 
that gets trained in the Wolves' Den. So, as a building, the
Wolves' Den has two primary uses (as opposed to the Stables in other Clans 
which are only used for horses). Lastly, each horse you bring in will give 
you two wolves.

                          Wolf Rushing Guide
To begin with why do we use Rush Tactic? Well, to simply gain the upper hand 
during a battle and to simply weaken the opponent or completely beat him/her 
right away. Rushing is a good idea to diminish/drain resources of your enemy 
and slow him/her down and possibly lead to your early victory. Mainly, Wolf 
Clan specialize at rushing but an average clan when a turtled fight. Of 
course there are another clan who is a good rusher as well and that is the 
serpent clan. Rushing could set the tide in your side and may cause your 
opponent to defend the whole time in the game.

After Rushing What's next? After rushing it may either affect
the game a lot and maybe a positive effect to you or a negative
one. If the rush fails then here comes the so called "turtling"
which maybe famous for most players uses this tactic and waste
hours and hours defending.

Okay, enough of it so what are possible rushes? Every 1st-tier
units are rush units. Like Lord Eric in the BR Forum said "Every
unit is capable of being a rusher or a rushing unit only the
effectiveness of it differs" meaning let say a chemist can be
a rusher or maybe a swordsman can be a rusher only the
effectiveness rushing with the said units differs.

Here's a basic build order for any possible rush tactics:

* Start of with 2 peasants

* Build 2 Peasants hut (1 near the water source, 1 near the
rice field)

* Waypoint the Peasant Hut to the rice field and toggle off the
other peasant hut that's far away from the rice field.

*Assign only 2 Peasant to gather water and the rest on rice.

*Take 2 peasants and start building any military buildings
(e.i. Combat Pit, Ballistics Ground, Quarry etc...)

There! That's the basic build order. Practicing this basic strat before 
going further would be a good idea. After building the first military 
structure keep on training and training 1st-tier units until you have a 
decent number of it like 4 or 5 then rush them away. Note that this basic 
strat (strat or strategy by the way) can lead you into making your own 
rushing strategy. I'll be writing down some of the possible effective 
rushing methods and their build order, if possible, as well.

Maulers Rush a.k.a. Maulers Rush
Probably the most basic but the most effective rush as a wolf clan user; 
decent effect against Dragon because of some units that has a high to 
average blunt resistance. Lotus Clan fear this as well and probably is one 
of their Nightmare though a serpent clan could put much of a fight but with 
proper managing they'll go down.

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Rice Source
|-> Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Water Source
|-> Peasant 1 and 2 will now be the only water gatherer throughout the game
|-> Toggle the Peasant Creation after the 2nd P.Hut is built.

*Take 1 Peasant to build a P.Hut near the Rice Source
|->  Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Take 2 Peasants to build a Quarry
|-> After Building rally 1 of the P.Hut to it
|-> Keep training Maulers

*Build another Quarry
|-> Rally the other P.Hut to it
|-> Keep on training Maulers
|-> There must be at least 2 Peasants to keep gathering rice

*Rush a group of 4 to 5 Maulees to your opponent
|-> Now rally both Quarry to your opponent

*Upgrade all possible upgrade for Maulers
|-> Start with the Mauler's Union

Brawlers Rush a.k.a. Brawl Rush
I can only guarantee this against Dragon though a serpent or maybe a Lotus 
clan can make short work on them. But probably another effective Rush 
against a not so good opponent.

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Rice Source
|-> Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Water Source
|-> Peasant 1 and 2 will now be the only water gatherer throughout the game
|-> Toggle the Peasant Creation after the 2nd P.Hut is built.

*Take 1 Peasant to build a P.Hut near the Rice Source
|->  Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Take 2 Peasants to build a Combat Pit
|-> After Building rally 1 of the P.Hut to it
|-> Keep training Brawlers

*Build another Combat Pit
|-> Rally the other P.Hut to it
|-> Keep on training Brawlers
|-> There must be at least 2 Peasants to keep gathering rice

*Rush a group of 4 to 6 Brawlers to your opponent
|-> Now rally both Combat Pit to your opponent

*Upgrade all possible upgrade for Brawlers
|-> Probably none, don't waste your Yang Points on them just reserve it for 
other units

Hurler Rush a.k.a. Hurls Rush
Very Effective but not as great as the Maulers Rush. Use this against a not 
so experienced opponent. Beware of serpent.

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Rice Source
|-> Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Water Source
|-> Peasant 1 and 2 will now be the only water gatherer throughout the game
|-> Toggle the Peasant Creation after the 2nd P.Hut is built.

*Take 1 Peasant to build a P.Hut near the Rice Source
|->  Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Take 2 Peasants to build a Ballistics Ground
|-> After Building rally 1 of the P.Hut to it
|-> Keep training Hurlers

*Build another Ballistics Ground
|-> Rally the other P.Hut to it
|-> Keep on training Hurler
|-> There must be at least 2 Peasants to keep gathering rice

*Rush a group of 3 to 5 Hurlers to your opponent
|-> Now rally both B.Grounf to your opponent

*Upgrade all possible upgrade for Hurlers
|-> Probably none, don't waste your Yang Points on them just reserve it for 
other units

Pack Master Rush a.k.a. A&F(Arms and Fangs) Assault
Very Effective against any opponent though not as high as the Maulers so 
preferably stick with the Maulers Rush. But if you know your opponent isn't 
as fast as you think he would be then this is much safer but a bit slower 
but a good early Yang Pont acquisition.

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Rice Source
|-> Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Peasant 1 and 2 builds Peasant Hut near Water Source
|-> Peasant 1 and 2 will now be the only water gatherer throughout the game
|-> Toggle the Peasant Creation after the 2nd P.Hut is built.

*Take 1 Peasant to build a P.Hut near the Rice Source
|->  Rally the P.Hut to the Rice Field

*Take 2 Peasants to build a Combat Pit
|-> After Building rally 1 of the P.Hut to it
|-> Keep training Brawlers

*Build a Wolves' Den
|-> Rally the other P.Hut to it
|-> Assign 3 Peasant to gather Horses
|-> Keep on training Brawlers and P.Masters
|-> There must be at least 2 Peasants to keep gathering rice

*Rush a group of 2 or 3 Pack Master and 3 to 5 Brawlers to your opponent
|-> Now rally both structure to your opponent

*Upgrade all possible upgrades
|-> Probably none, don't waste your Yang Points on them just reserve it for 
other units

NOTE: There simple yet effective rushes you can try experimenting into 
making your own strat/rush tactics and if you would be so kind and mail it 
to me ^_~ I'll be sure to fill you in the credit lists.


1. Where can I find this Walkthrough/FAQ?

This guide is originally found at hhtp:// and will be updated 
and be posted there. You can also find an unedited, unaltered, unchanged and 
updated version of this guide at the following site:

2. How do I make my Peasants go automatically to a structure?

Simply by selecting the Peasant Hut and right click on the structure you 
wish them to go automatically. Peasants newly generated from peasants hut 
will go to the structures set. Much like a rally point/rallying.

3. How do I use the Blessing Battle Gear?

The Blessing Battle Gear that Druidess has which they get from Cairn is used 
on Wolf Units only. The Blessing BG gives the blessed unit a different BG 
instead of the traditional Shale Armor BG.

4. Is it possible to use the Wolf Clan in a mission like in Kenji's Journey?


5. How much defense bonus does the Shale Armor gives?

The Shale Armor offers 25% added resistance bon us to all categories except 
the magic resistance. The Shale Armor gives 50% bonus resistance to magic 
making them a bit invulnerable to magic.

6. What's the best way to defeat Hordes of Warlocks/Master Warlock?

If you want a quick and easy one try forming a force of Berserkers with 
Shale Armor. Since Shale Armor offers 50% defense against Magic which the 
Warlock/M.Warlock inflicts making them very good against them.

7. Does the Wolf Clan have something similar to Serpent's Mines?

Yes, It's the Pitch Slinger's Scorched Earth BG. You can give your Pitch 
Slingers this BG by blessing them with the Druidess' Blessing BG. You can 
only set-up 6 of this it looks like a flaming Death Sentry but a bit bigger.

8. What kind of damage does the Scorched Earth does?

Like all other traps, mines to be exact they deals Explosive damage.

9. I'm Confused about the Werewolf's other Battle Gear what exactly does it 

I think it's called Wolf Bite. From the blessing of the Druidess and is the 
only Battle Gear a Werewolf can have. Here's an explanation: If a Werewolf 
kills an enemy unit with his BG it automatically turns into a wolf(the enemy 
unit - Pack Wolf) and it can also inflict Critical Damage like Kenji's 
Battle Gear. It's a bit useful than the Shale Armor in terms of the 
offensive side.

10. Do you accept co-writers for your guides?

No! But I do accept contribution. If you wish to help other gamer and me as 
well you can mail me a contribution just refer to the E-Mail Rules.

11. Can I put this guide on my site?

Sure you can but take note that before doing so you must first have my "Go" 
before doing so.

12. The strategies in the rush failed.

It has a 95.32% ratio of succeeding I didn't bother putting the time when 
we've timed every action did during it. 95% is a big number all ready the 
success rate is high enough all you gotta do is practice it. Also it works 
the best against one on one battle not one against 7 battles a.k.a 

13. Can you give me a good rush combo.

..refer to the guide

14. Dang... my friend's using cheat against me. Is there any possible cheat 
for the Wolf Clan?

Uh... no there isn't any the only advice that I could give you is hit the 
quit option when you sees him doing so.



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great game.

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