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Battle Realms Serpent Clan Strategy Guide

by ACamelo   Updated to v1.02 on
         B AT T L E   R E A L M S  :  S E R P E N T   C L A N  
             Battle Realms: Serpent Clan Strategy Guide
                           Version 1.02
                        Author: "ACamelo"
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                  Date created: February 28, 2002
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Hey! ACamelo here! It's my second time sending an In-Depth guide to 
GameFaqs but don't worry I do know how to make one so it won't be much 
of a problem. I already got one up... the Wolf Clan guide and here's 
another one. Since most e-mails have asked me to make another one up for 
the Lotus and Serpent, and I've descided to put a Serpent Guide up. 
Battle Realms is a Real Time Strategy Game in an odd land but not that 
odd. Like most strategy, you simply harvest resources, build structures 
for training military units, build up an army and eliminate the enemies. 
Remember RA2 or the other series where you're free to build dozens and 
dozens of units for your disposal? Well, in Battle Realms your limited 
to 20 units, 30 units, 40 units or 50 units. Winning could either be 
very hard or very easy depending on the strategy that you'll be using. 
Of course, Strategies are very crucial to every gamers some of these can 
either even the odds and some can even over power somebody. 

This Guide is made only for the purpose of those who wish on using the 
Serpent Clan. I'll write down some basic to advance game 
tactics/strategies. I'll even try to explain how to make the best use of 
a serpent unit. You can contribute tricks, strategies, tactics, tips 
etc. or comments, suggestions on something. I've experimented no human 
vs. human players which most of you would love to see. So enough of the 
introduction and continue on with the guide just be sure that you've 
read the E-Mail Policy.


This Walkthrough/FAQ/Strategy Guide is created for personal use only. 
This guide mustn't be used for anything that gains any profit 
specifically Magazine, Game Guides, Commercial Web Sites etc. You're not 
allowed to rip off part(s) of this Game Guide and put it in your own 
Walkthrough/FAQ/Strategy Guide Whatever. Anyone doing this evil stuff is 
guilty of plagiarism, an act of stealing and passing off ideas and words 
of another as one's own without giving the proper credit to the source.

You can put this Guide on your non-commercial, non-profit web site 
provided that you will not change/erase/edit a single character in this 
document. Though you must have my permission first before you can have 
it up on your site.

i.    Updates
ii.   Email Policy
I.    History of the Serpent Clan
II.   Shinja, leader of the Serpent Clan
III.  Serpent Clan Buildings
       - Serpent Peasant Hut
       - Tavern
       - Sharpshooters Guild
       - Alchemist Lab
       - Bathhouse
       - Metal Shop
       - Thieves Guild
       - Watch Tower
       - Stable
       - Town Square
       - Well
       - Keep
       - Necromancer's Throne
IV.   Serpent Clan Units
       - Serpent Clan's Peasants
       - Swordsman
       - Musketeer
       - Crossbowman
       - Fan Geisha
       - Necromance
       - Bandit
       - Raider
       - Cannoneer
       - Ronin
V.    Serpent Clan Zen Masters
       - Shinja
       - Budo
       - Utara
       - Vetkin
       - Ninjas
VI.   Serpent Units Ability
VII.  Battle Reference Chart
VIII. Battle Strategy Chart
IX.   Serpent Clan Strategies/Tactics
X.     Credits


(February 28, 2002) version 1.02
Version 1.02 is what your currently viewing. Expect much work and 
changes on the next version. 

                            Email Policy  

I've put up an Email Policy section only after experiencing the problems 
I got with some of the E-Mails I've been receiving for the past days 
after having a guide posted up. So I've decided to put this section up 
so please read these parts first before trying to email me.

1. Send me questions that you can't find on my guide. I'll be happier to 
help you.
2. Be more specific when asking so I can answer your questions easily.
3. Try checking for the latest version of this guide before sending 
questions, contributing, pointing something etc.
4. When E-mailing me is sure to label the topic with Battle Realms so 
I'll know what are you asking me about.
5. If I happen to forget you, e-mail me again NICELY and I'll respond to 
it ASAP.
6. If I happen to not answer your e-mail it only means that the answer 
can be found in my guide.

1. Don't send me questions that can be answered/found in my guide.
2. Don't send me e-mails that don't have anything to do with the game.
3. No death treats, Bad Words, Chain letters etc. Please
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6. No spamming, please avoid it!

Doing anything that's on the Don'ts list will mean that your email will 
less likely to be ignored.

                    History of the Serpent Clan

Tarrant and his sons forged the Serpent Clan out of those who fled south 
to escape the ravages of the Horde. Since then, for four generations the 
Serpent Clan has dominated through force and cunning, until the death of 
Lord Oja and the treachery of the Lotus Clan created a dangerous 
struggle for power among the three Clans on the island.

Like their Totem, the Serpent Clan knows the value of stealthy approach 
and a sudden, lethal strike. Their soldiers tend to be tricksters and 
thieves as well as deadly fighters, skilled in techniques to baffle 
mounted pursuit and lure opponents into ambush. The Serpent Clan also 
possesses the secret of gunpowder, and has adapted it to many offensive 

The Serpent rules through strength and fear, knowing that other clans 
are waiting to take over should they show weakness. Kenji may restore 
the Serpent Clan to dominance, if he chooses to rule through strength 
and pragmatic cunning, rather than the conventions of honor. If Kenji 
proves to be his father's true son, he can re-forge the stability that 
is now in doubt, and the Serpent may rule again. Unfettered by high-
flown morals, all ways are open to them.


The former captain of Lord Oja's Serpent Guard, once charged with 
protecting the Serpent Orb, Shinja is a powerful warrior well-versed in 
the ways of the battlefield. Fueled by his lust for war, Shinja never 
holds back in battle - anything else would make him weak. While some 
would call his military enthusiasm reckless, Shinja's record on the 
battlefield is virtually spotless. Honing his skills to be like those of 
the Serpent, Shinja's attacks are quick and deadly. Contracting 
enchantments from the Lotus wizard of summoning, Laikor, Shinja's twin 
swords can summon swarms of snakes to bite at the heels of his foes and 
inject deadly poison. The most "Serpent Clan" in ideology of all the 
heroes, Shinja has assembled a handful of his former master's provinces 
for himself and rules them through fear. Employing a ragged and uncouth 
collection of rogues to do his dirty work, Shinja sits in his keep and 
lavishes himself in the taxes he sucks from the peasants. While his few 
provinces keep him fed, he harkens back to his battle days under Lord 
Oja. His only present-day joy is quelling the occasional and pathetic 
uprisings of his peasants. After his defeat at the hands of Kenji, 
Shinja takes the opportunity to join this powerful new military force, 
hoping to feel the adrenalin high of years past and claim a larger piece 
of the island for himself.

                       Serpent Clan's Buildings

To begin with, you can access the building tech tree by pressing the "T" 
key in the keyboard in the game. According to some the building limit is 
set to 50 after building enough building up to the limit your peasants 
cannot build any more buildings. I won't post the building tech tree 
here because you can access it anyway.

Serpent Peasant Hut
Bolted together from leftover wood and metal scraps, the Serpent Peasant 
Hut houses the ill-mannered peasants that do the Clan's chores. These 
huts are unkempt, as their occupants are too often slaving away in the 
rice fields to pay them any attention. While some complain they are 
worked too hard, it beats dying on the battlefield.

This is the Structure that you should build continuously. The more 
peasant hut you have the faster the peasants generates but the more 
units you have the slower the peasants come out form the hut. Build 
these structures near the resources for faster resources accumulation.

This is where you train peasants to swordsman. Swordsman are the 
serpents only 1st-tier melee unit. 

This structure allows you to train peasants to Swordsman and can also 
upgrade units.
Peasant      - Swordsman
Crossbowman  - Bandit
Musketeer    - Raider
Cannoneer    - Ronin

Sharpshooters Guild
In these stone buildings, ranged fighters of all kinds drill, study, and 
compete for prizes. Musket balls, cannon balls, even thrown torches fly 
through the air amid praise, instruction, curses, and shouts to "Hold 
fire, you dogs!" Serpent lords hold annual marksmanship competitions 
with generous prizes and commissions. Instructors tend to be those few 
gunners who survive to old age, marked by deafness, powder burns, and 
missing fingers.

This structure allows you to train peasants to Crossbowman and can also 
upgrade units.
Peasant      - Crossbowman
Swordsman    - Bandit
Musketeer    - Cannoneer
Raider       - Ronin

Alchemist Lab
No Serpent alchemist ever seems entirely satisfied with their formula 
for explosives. Although the basic ingredients -- charcoal, sulfur, and 
saltpeter (potassium nitrate) -- remain the same, stability and 
explosive yield can always be improved. Therefore, these laboratories 
are always slightly ragged from internal explosions, with holes unevenly 
patched and boarded-up. Each alchemist jealously guards his personal 
arsenal of proportions and recipes, and is always looking for ways to 
improve it and diversify its applications.

This structure allows you to train peasants to Musketeer and can also 
upgrade units.
Peasant      - Musketeer
Swordsman    - Raider
Crossbowman  - Cannoneer
Bandit       - Ronin

Once the baths were a place for contemplating beauty in its most sublime 
forms. In these times, Serpent Clan bathhouses have degenerated to what 
was perhaps their original function as brothels. Although an elderly 
woman still plucks out music on the koto and tattered calligraphy still 
hangs on the walls, the cultured atmosphere has faded -- the atmosphere 
is now sleazy and men come here for only one purpose. The geisha who 
emerge from this environment are more worldly-wise, and have learned to 
defend themselves in this rough environment. Fortunately the geisha 
healing skills are still taught, although much knowledge has been lost. 
Serpent Clan bathhouses are administrated by the elder geisha, a cynical 
and power-hungry council.

This structures allows you to train peasants to Fan Geisha.
Peasant      - Fan Geisha

Metal Shop
When the Serpent Clan was formed, the result was a renaissance for the 
alchemists and tinkerers who work in the Metal Shop. First, private 
tricks and techniques from dozen or so refugee clans could be learned 
and tested. Second, there was a general relaxation of the Dragon Clan's 
overly rigid code of battlefield conduct. Now, any new gadget or device 
was fair game as long as it worked, and the Serpent Lords would pay for 
them -- even the Thieves' Guild could be a source of ideas. Night and 
day, hammering and explosions and laughter ring from the metal shops as 
new modes of mayhem are invented.

Much like the Thieves Guild only the different thing is that the Metal 
Shop are more on the offensive side. They give your units new Battle 
Gear to be used. I suggest studying the Battle Gears of each unit learn 
their usefulness.

Thieves Guild
Not long after the death of Tarrant the Younger, rumors began 
circulating of a shadowy organization holding meetings in secret in 
isolated groves and derelict buildings. This was the Thieves' Guild, a 
group of enterprising criminals who began to meet in order to share 
skills, exchange information, and, above all, take a share from lesser 
thieves in return for training. For a long time, the Serpent lords were 
unable even to discover whether the guild existed. However, rumor has it 
that Lord Shinja finally managed to subvert the Thieves' Guild, allowing 
them to operate in exchange for a tenth of their take and use of their 
training facilities for his men.

The Thieves Guild offers your units unique Battle Gears that could 
either be useful when defending or on the offensive side. It's a good 
idea to have most of your units with a handy Battle Gear which could be 
of great help to them and could either boost their power up.

Watch Tower
No soldiering duty is less prized than spending a night in one of these 
rickety wood and bamboo constructions that adorn the borders of Serpent 
Clan land. With only lantern and a gong for company, the luckless 
occupant must simultaneously stave off sleep, and keep himself from 
panicking at the night sounds of the forest or mountain. In the 
barracks, stories are told of undetectable ninja attacks, soldiers found 
dead still in postures of watchful attention. When dawn comes, the 
guards can descend, wiping dew from their weapons, whispering silent 
prayers to their totem spirit. Watchtower duty on the Lotus Clan border 
is held to be the worst of all.

Watch Towers are very important when defending. Every watchtower has its 
unique watch tower charge that helps on defending your town. Serpent's 
Watch Tower blinds the enemy much like Kabuki's Flash Powder but it 
simply just blinds the enemy.

When the Serpent Clan was formed from the peoples who fled the Horde, 
different styles of horsemanship merged -- Heron showmanship, Eagle 
stamina, and Dragon techniques of fighting from horseback. Much later, 
when Lord Garrin began distinguishing himself with brilliant cavalry 
exploits, this began a new emphasis on mounted units, and horse trainers 
became a standard part of every keep's complement.

This structure allows you to catch horses for your disposal. Horses 
could be mounted by light units (This means that Cannoneers can't mount 
one). Peasants can also get pack horses that doubles the amount they 
harvest. Building this is again your call.

Town Square
The Town Square increases the storage capacity of your resources. It is 
also very essential to build this up to enable 2 more Towers and allows 
you to build the Keep. You should build this when you think your economy 
is stable enough. I suggest build a Town Square up as early as possible 
to ensure a safe defence from possible attacks.

Well is quite effective when the rice source is far from the water 
source. Just build a well beside a peasant hut and you'll be able to 
save much time from walking back and forth and you'll accumulate water 
faster. Sometimes I strategically place wells near watchtower in case of 
someone tries to burn it down it's good to have this around though the 
high price tag but overall it has its own pros and cons so your call.

This structure allows you to summon Zen Masters with the price of rice, 
water and yang. Zen Masters are good addition to your army, they have 
good innate ability that when used properly gives a devastating result.

Necromancer's Throne
The Necromancer's Throne allows you to summon a deadly Necromancer by 
sacrificing 4 Ronins. It's quite a good bargain for some who considers 
quality better than quantity.

                          Serpent Clan's Unit

Serpent Clan's Peasants
Serpent Clan peasants are superficially similar to Dragon peasants, but 
looking closer one can see the difference in their ragged garments, 
dirty faces, and greasy, unkempt hair. Serpent peasants are tireless 
workers...for their own advantage. Although not particularly happy with 
their lot in life, they know that laziness and disobedience mean a 
whipping, whereas diligent work could mean promotion, even a chance to 
raid and loot enemy valuables. Given the proper advantages these 
peasants to learn, whether through formal training or just brawling at 
the local tavern.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Nothing really special for the Serpent's 
Peasants except it deals Blunt Damage.

Swordsmen are the lowest footsoldiers in the Serpent Clan ranks. They 
are tough street-fighters drawn from the most promising young men of the 
peasantry. Each has been issued a simple longsword, with only a few 
motley scraps of armor tied on for protection. Unkempt and lacking 
soldierly polish, they are nevertheless obedient and effective fighters.

Swordsman are great 1st-tiers unit. If not for their mugging and glass 
sword ability it can compete for a great assist unit and for a great 
finisher. Though they got an not so good resistance stats that could be 
fixed with the proper upgrade for them.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Ever tortured by those Kabuki abuser or some 
Zen Master's annoying battle gear? well then the swordsmans the man for 
the job. It instantly steals all nearby enemy Battle Gear turning them 
back to normal. Ever tried killing enemies with a hit? Then 2 words 
Glass Sword! This is way even better than Wolf's Zen Counter Punch. With 
this you can get a laugh out of their Zen Masters dying out in a hit 
with this swordsmen even their pilfer battle gear can leave those 
Kabuki's powerless againts them.

In the wars that threaten to engulf the realm, gunpowder and traditional 
archery both come into play. The musketeer carries a long smooth-bore 
flintlock whose butt can be used as a club at close quarters. While 
archers can outrange them, musketeers have complementary strengths, 
relying on high impact and penetration. do enormous damage when they 
hit. Musketeers are one of the tools by which the Serpent Clan has 
enforced its borders in the southland, and they can frequently be seen 
manning watch and striding through the misty hills.

Musketeers are good missile units. They never missed their target and 
always get their job done. Though I don't use them that much their 
Sniper Scope as well as their Explosive shot Battle Gear are simply the 
best. They're good defensive units as well as an offensive.  

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: So Koril users thought that their Koril is 
indestructible againts missile units well thnk again. This guys never 
misses their Sniper Scope just powers them up making them even better 
than archers and has an average resistance. 

Serpent Crossbowmen are cunning snipers with keen eyesight and basic 
mechanical abilities. Armed with homespun semi-automatic crossbows and 
sight-enhancing eyewear, the Crossbowman makes up for the weakness of 
his projectiles with his rapid firing rate and increased accuracy. 
Confident in his own abilities on the battlefield, the crossbowman's 
smug countenance belies his desire to rise to the top of the Serpent 
ranks and become a Ronin.

This guys can be trained quite fast and is even made powerful with the 
weaken shot though with some test I've noticed that the weaken shot 
Battle Gear from this bowmen mixed with the melee skill of a swordsman 
then you have a perfect duo.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: 2 words, Weaken Shot. They make their target 
enemy loose some armor resistance. Combine Ronins with them and watch 
them tear wipe enemies easily much like the dynamic Shack and Kobee duo.

Fan Geisha
Long ago when the Dragon Clan still existed, geisha were healers, 
courtesans, and sophisticates who studied all the most refined arts of 
that culture. Fan geisha are their cultural descendants, who have 
learned to live in a rougher environment less concerned with high 
aesthetic matters. While they could not openly arm themselves, they 
learned to fight by modifying their traditional accessory, the fan. They 
were already skilled in flirting and dancing with these fans, so by 
sharpening their curved edges and modifying traditional movements, they 
became dangerous fighters at close range.

Girl Power?! I love them, they're even better than geishas and a lot 
more powerful. Totally upgrade them and you have a mean unit. They can 
not only heal themselves but can support their constituents when 
fighting a pretty big threat to their enemies though most don't favor 
using them maybe because the of the impressions they got on dragon's 

Who said that Necromancers are some weak units? Well the Necromancer 
itself will prove them wrong. Not only they have the greatest resistance 
in the game almost better than Kenji's only lacking on the Fire 
resistance department. If I remember correctly I've tried to make a 
single Necromancer with some Fan Geisha (3 to be exact) guard my whole 
base and the results are surprising. Believe it or not this little force 
was able to beat 2 AI forces one after another(though I know that AIs 
are stupid). The Necromancers hardly get killed because of its hight 
resistance and accompanying him with some F.Geishas. 

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Why are Necromancers that powerful? There 
are several reasons, First you have to sacrifice 4 Ronins to summon a 
Necromancer which must be a good bargain sacrificing 4 Ronins for just a 
single unit. Second, Its armor resistance are way excellent only lacking 
on the fire part which is not a problem because most Battle Realms 
players tends to stick to piercing missile units than a fire one. Third 
is that it can summon 3 extra units to heed your needs. Fourth, it can 
summon Zombies from dead corpes for another extra unit. Try Blood 
Bonding a Ronin to this unit and see how long it takes to get that Ronin 

I don't really use this units except when I find his force impenetrable. 
There's nothing like seeing a large number of Bandits mysteriously 
popping in some parts of his base and start to wreak havoc. I don't 
really use their other Battle Gear except for the Invisibility BG. 
Upgrade them up and see them match up some 4th level units. Though they 
aren't that dependable they can sure make a fool out of your enemy and 
can tunr the tides on them just by doing a couple of surprise attacks 
and then turning to invisible again.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I love this guys only because of their 
Invisibility BG and their piercing attacks. If you don't find their 
invisibility gear that useful then just switch to Ronins Blood Bonded on 
some Fan Geishas.

Raiders aren't really that powerful but mixing them with your main 
attack force can you see them ni their fullest potential. Raiders aren't 
good when attacking all by themselves they're just useful when some 
pesky watchtowers started to bug you or with them you can easily turn 
your enemy base in a blaze or slow down you enemy's rice production.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Raiders aren't really useful only 
considering their power against buildings which made them quite 
effective. Their main purpose is to light up and start some fire and 
cause some chaos on your enemy's base.

Serpent Clan cannoneers carry a powerful, enormously heavy cannon, a 
weapon capable of damaging enemy soldiers and buildings alike. Their 
training requires a special kind of courage -- a tolerance for violent 
explosions, and the nerve to enter battle with a weapon too heavy to run 
with, making it almost impossible for them to retreat effectively if the 
conflict turns against them. Although very dependent on other kinds of 
units for escort in battle, cannoneers are a proud, eccentric group who 
name and decorate their cannons, and spend their time in jargon-laced 
discussions of different gunpowder mixes and projectile weights. They 
are also among the most feared of the Serpent warriors - fierce fighters 
who enter combat expecting to fight to the death.

Equiped with a cannon cannoneers proved to be the counterpart of the 
Dragon's Powder Keg/Sumo Cannoneer. Their Battle Gear are both useful on 
the defensive part and on the offensive part. They're powerful against 
building specially when upgraded.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: I use this guys a lot. Accompany them with 
Fan Geishas and you have a mean attacking force. Their attacks passes 
from one enemy then to another and when grouped together results are 
very devastating.

Ronins are serpent's Samurai counterpart. Though only equiped with a 
twin blade and no missile/projectile attacks their Battle Gear works out 
for what is missing. The Yin Blade is only good when you want to acquire 
extra Yin points for upgrading or summoning Zen masters. The Blood Bond 
BG gives them even a better chance to last in battles. Overall I think 
they can be much better than Samurais. 

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Ronins much similar to Samurais only the 
difference is they have no long-ranged attack but the Ronin's Twin Long 
Swords makes up for it specially their Battle Gears. Blood Bond them to 
a group of Fan Geishas or on a Necromancer and they can last longer than 
any other units giving them a better edge in combat though the Yin Blade 
doesn't work like the yang Blade which become stronger when the Yang 
Points are higher they still are a great units.

                       Serpent Clan's Zen Masters

Being the Leader of the Serpent Clan He automatically makes himself as a 
great warrior/fighter. He attacks like a serpent, poisoning his enemies 
and runs fast like a serpent. His Battle Gear is great that it makes 
your units last longer than your enemy.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: He is one of the best melee fighter in their 
clan. Poisoning his enemies and delivering powerful blows to them. 
Shinja works well with some Ronins and Crossbowmen backing him up his 
attacks works well on any enemy making him as deadly as the Serpent he 
calls himself.

I love this guy he works in two ways first a peasant taskmaster and a 
guard for any teleporting/invisible units. He hastens the production 
speed of the peasants but hurts them badly. If you make him as an 
attacking unit he works best on Structures than on units. Pretty odd 
isn't it?!

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: This fat guy is something. He can be either 
an economic guy or an attacking guy. He works well in anyways only the 
problem is that he's another one of the slowest unit in the game. 
Considering that he's fat and all but he's damn powerful. I have him 
join my attacking force and he can beat the hell out of structures 
himself but nobody takes down building/structures

An evil Geisha? She has a cool innate ability that can work best on the 
offensive side. Her BG is great when you've racked up a lot of Yin 
points for causing a great area of effect damage.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Serpent's female Zen Master. She's a lite 
Geisha that uses her song to damage nearby enemis (Maybe the song is too 
horrible that it can damage enemies too much). Her innate ability works 
best when she's being damaged and all other nearby units can finish her 
enemies off.

I would say that Verkin is another great scouting tool because of his 
innate ability that he never losses stamina when running. He can look 
for the nearest enemy and can take care of himself by disabling his 
enemies from running by his Battle Gear or by running away by himself.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Yet the Fastest unit in the game well maybe 
I could say that because of his amazing innate ability that he never 
runs out of stamina when running. Try making Shinja and Vetkin race 
you'll notice that Shinja won't be left behind not unless that he has 
lose all his stamina. He's the coolest unit in the game maybe because of 
his cool looks and of course again the running part. At close range he 
attacks by piercing damage from his Twin Daggers.

Ninja's are better than Monks mainly because of their stealthiness and 
cool attacks(the Shurikens!!). They walk as fast as Vetkins and losses 
less stamina when their battle gear is on. Probably one of the coolest 
Unit in the game.

^Evil^Tyrant^Gyl^ comments: Ninjas are great scouting units. They losses 
little stamina when their BG is on and moving and recovers it fast like 
a wolf unit. Though when compared to Monks I would then go for the Monks 
mainly becuase they're better melee units.

                           Serpent Units Ability
Maybe you've already noticed that aside from most unit's simple attack 
or defending skills/powers, most units possess their own unique and 
special ability that makes them even different from the other units. 
Notice how Gaihla spreads flowers when the Rice Source starts to run 
low? or Koril is almost imposible to be hit by projectile attakcs? These 
are their innate ability so let's continue to find out.

Swordsman - Evasion: Projectiles are much less likely to hit the 
swordsman when he is running.

Crossbowman - Full Recovery: The Crossbowman can regenerate health up to 

Musketeer - Instant Hit: His normal missile attack never misses.

Raider - Ambush: The Raider gets no line-of-sight reduction in forests.

Bandit - Looting (targetable): The player will get a "pick-up" cursor 
over fresh corpses. Clicking on the corpse, the player will gain a 
percentage of the cost of that unit.

Cannoneer - Pass-through Damage: The Cannoneer's shots go through 
enemies and buildings, damaging all it passes through.

Ronin - Cursed Swords: When the Ronin loses all his hit points, he 
thrusts his swords into the ground, leaving them behind for a short 
time. The swords cause nearby allies to do more damage, while nearby 
enemy damage is reduced.

Fan Geisha - Healing: The Fan Geisha can sacrifice stamina to heal 
another unit or herself.

Shinja - Ye of Little Faith: Takes very little magical damage.

Utara - Pleasure and Pain: When Utara takes damage, nearby enemies get 
momentarily stunned.

Vetkin - Sprinting: He loses no stamina when he runs.

Zombie - Deterioration: Zombies will slowly deteriorate health until 
they die, unless healed.

                         Battle Reference Chart
The Battle Reference Chart can be freely viewed/obtained from the 
official Battle Realms website. I don't claim any copyright from the 
chart because I just copied it from the site. This chart will be very 
useful so you can fight the odds better. 

Weapon Damage:
Me - Melee     Mi - Missile

Armor Rating:
e - excellent   ave - average
g - good       min - minimum     pr - poor

Damage Type: (Armor Vs.)
P - Piercing   B - Blunt          Ex - Explosion
C - Cutting    M - Magic          Pw - Pack Wolf     F - Fire

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
|    NAME       | WEAPON DMG   |           ARMOR VS.      |
|               | Me     Mi    |  C   P   B   Ex   M   F  |
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
| Bandit        |  P     P     | g  |min|min| e  |min| e  |
| Cannoneer     |  B     B     |min |min|pr | e  | g | e  |
| Crossbowman   |  p     P     |min |min| g |min | e | e  |
| Fan Geisha    |  C    n/a    |min | g |min| g  | e | e  |
| Musketeer     |  B     Ex    | g  |ave| g |min |min| e  |
| Necromancer   |  M    n/a    | e  | e | e | e  |ave|pr  |
| S. Peasant    |  B    n/a    |min |min|min|min |min| e  |
| Raider        |  F     F     | pr |min| e |ave | e | e  |
| Ronin         |  C    n/a    | e  |ave| g |pr  |min|min |
| Spirit Warrior|  M    n/a    |min | g |min| e  | e | e  |
| Swordsman     |  C    n/a    | g  |min|min| g  |min| e  |
| Zombie        |  C    n/a    |min | g | g |min | e |pr  |
| Budo          |  B    n/a    |pr  | g | e |ave | g |min |
| Shinja        |  C    n/a    | g  | g | g | pr | e |pr  |
| Utara         |  P    n/a    |min |pr |min|min | e |ave |
| Vetkin        |  P    n/a    | g  | e |pr | e  |min|pr  |

                         Battle Strategy Chart
The Battle Strategy Chart can be freely viewed/obtained from the 
official Battle Realms website. I don't claim any copyright from the 
chart because I just copied it from the site. This chart will be very 
useful so you can fight the odds better. The following are the possible 
enemies you could encounter and listed below are the units you can use 
to counter them. Some match-up requires the use of Battle Gears and some 
tactics to gain the maximum effect.

Dragon Enemy                     Counter With
Archer                   -       Musketeer, Fan Geisha
Chemist                  -       Swordsman, Cannoneer
Dragon Warrior           -       Swordsman, Ronin
Geisha                   -       any unit
Kabuki Warrior           -       Crossbowman,Cannoneer
Dragon Peasant           -       any unit
Sumo Cannoneer           -       Swordsman, Bandit
Samurai                  -       Musketeer, Necromancer
Spearman                 -       Cannoneer
Arah (Zen Master)        -       Musketeer, Ronin
Garrin (Zen Master)      -       Necromancer, Spirit Warrior
Kazan (Zen Master)       -       Ronin (Metal Shop BG)
Otomo (Zen Master)       -       Raider
Tao (Zen Master)         -       Bandit (Metal Shop BG)

Serpent Enemy                    Counter With
Bandit                   -       Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior
Cannoneer                -       Crossbowman, Ronin
Crossbowman              -       Musketeer, Ronin
Fan Geisha               -       Swordsman, Ronin
Musketeer                -       S Warrior, Crossbowman
Necromancer              -       Raider
Serpent Peasant          -       any unit
Raider                   -       Crossbowman, Bandit
Ronin                    -       Musketeer, Necromancer
Spirit                   -       Cannoneer, Fan Geisha
Swordsman                -       Bandit, Necromancer
Zombie                   -       Musketeer, Bandit
Budo (Zen Master)        -       Raider, Ronin
Shinja (Zen Master)      -       Bandit (Metal Shop BG)
Utara (Zen Master)       -       Crossbowman,Cannoneer
Vetkin (Zen Master)      -       Spirit Warrior, Cannoneer

Wolf Enemy                       Counter With
Ballistaman              -       Ronin, Fan Geisha 
Berserker                -       Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior
Brawler                  -       Musketeer, Bandit
Druidess                 -       Fan Geisha
Hurler                   -       Ronin, Swordsman
Mauler                   -       Crossbowman,Musketeer
Pack Master              -       Musketeer
Pack Wolf                -       Fan Geisha, Ronin
Wolf Peasant             -       any unit
Pitch Slinger            -       Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior
Sledger                  -       Crossbowman, Necro
Werewolf                 -       Musketeer, Spirit Warrior
Gaihla (Zen Master)      -       Swordsman, Ronin
Grayback (Zen Master)    -       Musketeer, Spirit Warrior
Longtooth (Zen Master)   -       Raider
The Shale Lord (Zen Master) -    Musketeer, Necromancer

Lotus Enemy                   Counter With
Blade Acolyte            -    Bandit, Necromancer
Brother Lythis (blades)  -    Swordsman, Bandit
Brother Sehk (staff)     -    Crossbowman, Raider
Brother Tausil (leaf daggers)     -    Cannoneer, Ronin
Channeler                -    any unit
Diseased One             -    Spirit Warrior, Musketeer
Infested One             -    Musketeer, Fan Geisha
Leaf Disciple            -    Cannoneer, Fan Geisha
Master Warlock           -    Bandit, Raider
Lotus Peasant            -    any unit
Staff Adept              -    Musketeer, Raider
Unclean One              -    Crossbowman,Cannoneer
Warlock                  -    Swordsman, Fan Geisha
Issyl (Zen Master)       -    Cannoneer
Koril (Zen Master)       -    Ronin
Soban (Zen Master)       -    Cannoneer, Ronin
Zymeth (Zen Master)      -    Raider, Bandit

Miscellaneous Enemy                Counter With
Horse                    -    Crossbowman
Lotus Shadow Steed       -    Crossbowman
Monk                     -    Crossbowman, Necro
Ninja                    -    Cannoneer, Spirit Warrior

                  Serpent Clan Strategies/Tactics 

An almost Cheating Strategy - Instant Yin Point Trick - You can easily 
earn Yin points jsut by attacking trees with a Ronin with a Yin Blade 
Battle Gear. Just force attack the tree and turn on his Battle Gear and 
you'll get easy Yin Points.

An almost Cheating Strategy - Instant Yin Point Trick - You can also 
earn extra Yin Points by force attacking the water/river/pond/water 
source with a Ronin with a Yin Blade Battle Gear. You'll earn extra Yin 
Points but not that fast like the other trick.

An almost Cheating Strategy - Unlimited Necromancer Trick - You can 
duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate your Necromancer with this trick. 
This trick requires a long time due to the things you have to do. First, 
build a Necromancer Throne and summon your first Necromancer. Train a 
Ronin with the Blood Bond Battle Gear and Blood Bond it to the 
Necromancer. Take your Necromancer on a watchtower and load the 
Necromancer's Throne with another batch of Ronins. Now, take the Blood 
Bonded Ronin to an enemy base and have him get killed. You'll notice 
that it won't be easy because he blood bonded to a Necromancer so you 
won't just get another Necromancer but you can also inflict a bit damage 
to the enemy with your Ronin. Ones the Blood Bonded Ronin dies another 
Necromancer will be summoned automatically in the Necromancer's Throne. 
Repeat and Rinse.

Surprise Attack - The surprise attack works this way. Train as much 
Bandits as you wish and give them the Battle Gear that leaves them 
invisible like the Ninja's Battle Gear. Take them near the enemy base 
and turn their BG on. Take them deep into your enemies' rice field and 
turn them off. It'll surprise your enemy and slow his rice production 
down. - Ezreal Empire

Crossbow Rush! - Early in the game train an army of 3 to 5 crossbowmen 
and if possible with the weaken shot BG. Accompany them with a Fan 
Geisha or two and rush them to your enemy. The Crossbowmen's Weaken Shot 
can easily take any early game units out this rush tactic can slow down 
your enemy or if possible it could force him to loose the game. - 

All-for-one and one-for-all Musketeer Strategy - This is a fairly simple 
strategy but could give a very devastating result. Train 10 or so 
Musketeers and give them the Sniper Scope Battle Gear. Then, Train 4-8 
swordsmen 3/4 have the glass sword Battle Gear and the remaining 1/4 
have the mugging BG. This' fairly simple, the activate the Musketeers 
Sniper Scope for dealing long range attacks at the back line while the 
swordsmen take care of the melee battle. The mugging BG is for those 
pesky heroes/kabukis/over-powered battle gears and the glass sword's for 
easily dealing with melee units. - Amugaba Empires

Defensive Strategy 101 - Having problems with those pesky enemy units 
that has been attacking you from different directions forcing you to 
split the 4 watch towers in to groups of two? All you have to do is 
train Cannoneers with their mine laying Battle Gear. Lay mines on every 
parts of the possible attacking side of the enemy and man it down with 
atleast A group of Ronnin Blood Bonded on Fan Geishas and leave at least 
4 or so Cannoneers as a defense with that your base will becoma an 
impenetrable Fortress. Your enemy should find your Ronins almost 
indestructable being blood bonded on fan geishas and the fan geisha 
healing them. - (-)ad3$ Empire

Girl Power - If you play Battle Realms just to have fun then you could 
try this one out! Train Only Fan Geisha and as much as possible upgrade 
their 3 upgrades the health, damage and the stamina use when healing. A 
horde of 20 Fan Geisha can be indestructable and if possible give them 
the Iron Fan BG that can help them out. As they engage on melee combat 
they can wipe any units or heroes up since they're in hordes they'll be 
healing each other as soon as they can. Imagine this : 10 Fan Geisha 
engaging in melee combat that can heal themselves and the other 10 
healing their team mates. - Ezreal Empire

The strategies found below are taken from I 
claim no copyright with the strategies below.

Vetkin's "Bravado" - The Vetkin's Bravado Battle Gear robs stamina from 
all nearby units, so it is especially useful for disabling the life-
giving abilities of the Geisha for a short time. It is also useful for 
robbing melee units of their running ability. If Vetkin does this and 
leads them back to nearby missile units, they'll get extra shots off 
before the enemy can close in. 
Hit & Run - Develop a force of about 10 Musketeers with Sniper Scope, 3 
Cannoneers with Mines, and 3 Raiders with Caltrops, then get a few Ronin 
and a few Fan Geisha to use as your primary offensive force. Park your 
force away from your enemy's main base. Lay down a minefield leading 
from you to the edge of their line of sight. Then take your Caltrop-
Raiders and run them to the base (going through the mine-field, of 
course). Hit the first building you see a few times, to get their troops 
rallied against you. Immediately switch on the Caltrops and dart to your 
main force, through the minefield. Switch on the Musketeer Sniper 
Scopes. As the enemy approaches you, they're faced with Caltrops and 
Mines. Ff they get through all that, they still need to get past the 
Snipers, which should blow them to pieces. Once this force is 
dispatched, send in your Raiders to burn everything down. 
Necromancer Safe Haven - Put a Necromancer in a watchtower and he'll 
raise zombies from the dead corpses around him while still maintaining a 
safe distance from enemy units that can directly attack him. 
The Power of the Raider - This isn't a killer combo but more of an 
informative strategy on how to most effectively use a Raider. The 
Raider, at first glance, seems like weak unit. He is fast, even for a 
Serpent Clan warrior, and has the ability to burn down buildings. A 
Raider's ability to perform hit-and-run tactics is second to none. They 
are most efficient when used with the Brushfire Battle Gear or the 
Caltrop Battle Gear. 
By using the Raider to simply attack one building until its gone and 
moving onto the next simply doesn't utilize the unit to its fullest 
potential. Move your Raider(s) to a new target as soon as the building 
has caught fire. The building will fall on its own and you'll still have 
time to light up other buildings as well. Burning buildings will hurt 
nearby enemy units and other buildings so hitting multiple structures 
can create have devastating results. 
A Raider with Brushfire has numerous good uses. You can clear out 
forests, thus preventing surprise attacks, and you can also destroy 
enemy rice fields. This is particularly effective since it slows down 
the peasants' ability to harvest rice. So while your running around the 
enemy town burning things, take some time hinder resources as well. 
Caltrops are also quite effective, if used properly. They can damage 
objects that are behind the Raider as he moves from a location. Used in 
conjunction with hit-and-run tactic, this style of attack can put a good 
hurt on your enemy. You can light a few buildings on fire, and when you 
see the enemy coming to get you, run away and leave caltrops behind. If 
the enemy attempts to follow, they will likely be wounded by the 
caltrops. This would be a good time to have melee units ready to help 
fend off anyone that chases after the Raider. (This can be quite fun 
when you set up a minefield of deadly caltrops and lead the enemy into 


o Major Thanks to Liquid for designing the game and to Ubi Soft for 
releasing this great game same goes to Crave Entertaiment.

o Thanks to the viewers/readers of this guide. This won't be called a 
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o Major thanks to the Battle Realms Official Website where I found most 
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o Thanks to my friends who contributed in the strategy section they're
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