Battlefield: 1942 review
BF1942, It delivers: A REVIEW IN TEN WORDS/Hundred


It is slow but it can be fun in game. - Ten Worder
It is a fun decorative game, that allthough the loading is slow; the wait is worth it. In multiplayer which can be up to 64 player you can do a lot more. However, it is worth $50, but it's only $20! And the XPACKS are 10. A mod X-Pack, desert combat (gasp) is the freebie and is good. Also believe it or not Desert Combat's Developers are making Battlefield 2 with DICE!
Anyhow, the multiplayer is great. I recommend you do however practice with the game's drones (EL) or AI. But, buy this game and it's two X-PACK and superb multiplayer and you only paid (GASP) $40! There are over 10,000 people that play this game at once SO PLAY PLAY PLAY MULTIPLAYER. You can be infantry, enginneer (minelayer), scout (sniper), medic (commandos), and AT's (bazooka, anti-tank) as well has Tank Driver/Gunner, Artillery Driver/ Artillery Bombardiare, Bomber, Fighter, Decoy, APC Gunner, A Destroyer, Cruiser, Battleship and Aircraft Carrier captain. And that ain't all so why not play the game. You might find a sub or the BEE-17 or maybe that jetpack or helicopter OR EVEN that Italian Plane.

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