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Battlefield Play 4 Free: Basra and more!

The good:

New Map, Fast pace action, realistic at times.
I like the audio, it feels pretty much as real as real gets.
Character models are pretty cool, but are limited to customization, example:
No girl characters, Faces are extremely limited. Clothes are available for purchase but will not be seen by other players until they release that feature.

The bad:

Smoke, hackers, and the Parachute system not being an option for re spawn.
Bullets going through things they should not, (wall hackers) people see through walls, walk through them, and shoot through them... Pretty much hackers in general. Guns that are avalible for purchase are too over powered, like they need more damage , but they need to knock down accuracy just a touch to make it fair.


This is my first review and it is just more of a explaination of maps, troops, and just facts about the maps, than a review. So I apoligise now.

Great music on here. The main theme is pretty awesome.

Pretty good, differs due to your graphic settings in game. Moderate is recommended for snipers, high is pretty good too. It's just my connection likes the Moderate - Very Low better.
There is a little blood.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and maybe 0 are weapon select keys.
I recommend 1 for Primary, 2 for secondary, and 3 for Knife. 3 for Knif...

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