Battlefield: Bad Company 2 User Reviews


A Refreshing Change to Modern Warfare 2

The good:

Wide Range of Vehicles
Wide Range Of Guns & Gadgets
Great Teamwork
Everything Destructible
Excellent Particle Animation
Great Audio

The bad:

No Custom Bot Matches
Lack of Match-Making system
Lack of Split-Screen


Single-Player & Gameplay

The game begins with a covert World War 2 squad raid an island to capture the secrets behind a Japanese super-weapon.Fast forward to the modern day, And Bad Company become embroiled in a battle to retrieve this doomsday weapon. After surviving for seventy years, the good old Russians plan to harness its power and use it to invade the U.S. the plot-line seems almost plausible and the episodic missions provide a more cohesive link to the BF:BC2 story.
A vast improvement over the previous game. BF:BC 2 takes players to locations all over the world in 13 levels that inclu...


Using doors was getting boring anyway...

The good:

> The bromance

> The humour

> The silliness of it all

> The multiplayer

> The destructive possibilities

> The lack of heat-beat monitors attached to rifles...

The bad:

> The online, only at the best of times, runs smoothly

> The campaign has a miserably underwhelming length to it

> The plot leaves a huge question mark over the first games ending (Read on)


DICE's latest addition to the Battlefield franchise is one that could be looked at in one of two lights. The first way is that of which I see it, a fresh take on the modern day FPS that at the same time points & laughs at itself. Or alternatively, as a total Modern Warfare 2 rip off. Now the people who will most commonly decide on the latter is the Modern Warfare diehards themselves, you know the ones that have at some point used inifinite care-package glitch and whom sit on perhaps their 5th or 6th prestige? Yeah, them.

To the majority of others they will see Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as ...

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