Battlefield 2142 (PC) Cheats

Battlefield 2142 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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award pins
pin name ( amount of points earned )

Clear Skies Pin (10 Points) Get 10 kills with air defense in a round.
Close Combat Pin (10 Points) Get 10 kills with a shotgun in a round.
Collectors Pin (20 Points) Get 8 dogtags (knife kills) in a round.
Combat Efficiency Pin (5 Points) Get a kill streak of 5 in a round.
Distinguished Combat Efficiency Pin (10 Points) Get a kill streak of 10 in a round.
Emergency Rescue Pin (5 Points) Revive 8 teammates in a round.
Explosive Efficiency Pin (10 Points) Get 8 APM or RDX kills in a round.
Firearm Efficiency Pin (5 Points) Get 4 pistol kills in a round.
Infiltrator Pin (10 Points) Get 5 headshots with a sniper rifle.
Problem Solver Pin (20 Points) Destroy four titan consoles in a round.
Titan Defender Pin (20 Points) Get 7 titan defend scores (Killing enemies on your titan).
Titan Destructor Pin (20 Points) Destroy 4 titan guns in a round (Anti-air or ground defense.)
Troop Transporter Pin (20 Points) Get 10 titan drops in a round (Drop off teammates on the enemy titan).
Titan Survival Pin (10 Points) When your team detroys the enemy titan, just off to the ground.
Wheels of Hazard Pin (5 Points) Run down 5 enemies.
unlock new knife
to unlock a new skin of the knife get 50 unique dogtags in multiplayer online