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Battlefield 2 review
Battlefield 2: near perfection experience

The good:

Battlefield 2 is strongly based on teamwork and the teamwork in this game is VERY easy and VERY fun. Just like in Battlefield 1942, you have two teams, that can be divided in to small squads. All of the squads will be commanded either by the commander or the squadleader. Working in the same squad with 2-3 friends of yours in the Internet can be one of the greatest gameplay experiences ever.

-The graphics
The graphics in Battlefield 2 are just beautiful and they make the game very pleasant to play. Therefore of course Battlefield 2 has quite tough hardware requirements.

-Gameplay and features
Battlefield 2 has another greatness and that is that on the battlefield you have such a huge variety of "tools" to work with, such as many different types of helicopters, jets, cars, tanks, armoured vehicles and boats. You also have many stationary weapons such as machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles to work with.
also both teams can choose a commander, who can give the men in front line artillery or uav-support or just simply send some supplies.

Another feature that I like about the game is, that when you say something on a radio to your teammates like for example "I need a medic here", then the Americans say it in English, the Chinese in Chinese and the Iraqui in Persian.

The bad:

Well then, what is bad about Battlefield 2. Well, there's not much, but there is something. For example even when the game has a singleheadshotkill still when you try to shoot you'r enemy to his body you will have to waste almost a whole clip in him (shotgun is a exeption offcourse).

Just like in Battlefield 1942 you have two teams, that are supposed to steal controlpoints from each other (Don't get me wrong for I think that this feature is great), but there is no connection between the control points, so anyone can sneak or parachute behind enemylines and steal a control point where is no enemies (because they all are in the frontline)and I think, that that features breaks the game ones in a while.


The idea of the game is that there are two teams who try to steal flags (or controlpoints) from each other. Both team has a same amount of tickets and by holding more flags than the other team, you can lower the enemys ticket rate. The winner is the team who first lowers the enemys tickets to zero or holds all the controlpoints on the map and kills all the enemy troops at the same time.
there are three countries America, China and Iraq. The game also has a single player option but it is exactly the same as multi player, but with A.I.

So Battlefield 2 is a game, that can provide you, fps-gamefan, a hell of a good online-gaming experience with some KICKASS-graphics and some great sounds. Basically I don't see a reason why should anyone who likes fps- or war-games ever miss this game.

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