Battlefield 1943 (PS3) Cheats

Battlefield 1943 cheats, Trophys, Easter Eggs, Unlockables, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Attacker (Bronze)Capture five flags
Best Squad (Bronze)Be in the best squad on all three maps
Defender ((Bronze)Defend 5 flags
Milkrun (Bronze)Fly a plane for 10 minutes
Motorman (Bronze)Get one kill with car, tank and plane
Parachutist (Bronze)Use the parachute once (2 seconds)
Melee Man (Bronze)Melee kill one enemy player
Tour of Duty I (Silver)Play 30 matches
Tour of Duty II (Silver)Play one hundred matches
Master of your domain (Silver)Get one kill playing as each class
Veteran (Silver)Cap 25 enemy flags
The Pacific Campaign (Gold)Win once on every map as any team


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Unlockable Postcards
  • Clear the requirement to unlock the desired postcard.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Bomb RunLaunch an air raid killing at least one enemy
MilkrunFly a plane for twenty minutes
MotormanAttain 25 kill with a car, tank and plane
Fighter AceAttain 50 kills using fighter planes
ParachutistUse the parachute four times
WheelmanAttain 50 kills using car, tank or boat.
VeteranCapture fifty enemy flags
AttackerCapture thirty flags
Best SquadBecome the best squad three time on each map
Squad AssisterGet one hundred squad assists
Squad AvengerAvenge one hundred squad members
DefenderDefend twenty flags
LiferAttain Top rank
Master of your DomainGet 17 kills using each class
Melee ManGet 20 melee kill
InfantrymanDefeat 50 enemies with a submachine gun
RiflemanDefeat 50 enemies using a semi automatic rifle
SniperDefeat 50 enemies using a scoped rifle
Master BlasterDefeat 50 enemies using grenades, explosives or rifle grenades
Tour of Duty IPlay 50 matches
Tour of Duty IIPlay 100 and 30 matches
Pacific CampaignWin twice on every map as any item
The BestAttain the highest score in a match
Unlockable Stamps
  • Clear the requirement to unlock the desired stamp.
UnlockableHow to unlock
HMG EfficiencyGet four kills with a heavy machine gun.
Jeep EfficiencyGet four kills with a car.
Plane EfficiencyGet five kills with a fighter plane.
Vehicle EfficiencyDestroy six vehicles in any fashion.
Tank EfficiencyGet four kills with a tank.
Bombing EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with air raids.
Air Defense EfficiencyDefeat two planes with an anti aircraft gun.
Boat EfficiencyGet two kills with a landing craft.
Rifle EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with a semi-automatic rifle.
Rifle Grenade EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with rifle grenades.
AT EfficiencyDefeat four vehicles with recoilless rifle.
Sniper EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with a scoped rifle.
SMG EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with a submachine gun.
Explosives EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with grenades or explosives.
Knife EfficiencyDefeat four players with melee weapons.
Pistol EfficiencyDefeat four enemies with a pistol.
Defender EfficiencySuccesfully Defend five flags.
LeatherneckDefeat at least twenty enemies.
Air SuperiorityDefeat three bombers.
Attacker EfficiencyCapture five enemy flags.
Best SquadBecome the best squad of the round.
Squad ExcellenceEach squad member gets any one stamp and kills ten enemies.
TeamplayerGet ten squad assists.

Easter eggs

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Hidden Castles
Wake Island
There are two small islands located by the beach base. The one located to the right is a sandcastle with a Swedish flag and a yellow shovel.

There are two islands ( a small one and a big one ). On the big island is a beach facing toward Guadalcanal as well as two trees. Follow the beach to the left of those trees to find a mini sand castle with a shovel.

Iwo Jima
On the island closest to the carrier is a small sandcastle facing the carrier.