Battle Arena Toshinden Remix Cheats

Battle Arena Toshinden Remix cheats, Tips, and Codes for SATURN.


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Custom Camera
Press Start during a battle to pause the game. Enter the Options screen and highlight anything except Exit. Press and hold L, move the cursor to Exit, and Press R. Press the following buttons to check out the different angles.

L - Rotate the playfield clockwise
R - Rotate the playfield counter-clockwise
X - Zoom out
Y - Zoom in
D-pad - Pan the camera up/down/left/right


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Alternate Colors
At the Character Selection screen, select your character and hold Down, then press A, B, or C.
Big Heads
While selecting your mode of play at the title screen, press and hold the top Left and Right Shift buttons.
Boss Code
At the Press Start Screen, enter the following:

Up, Down, X, B, A, Y, C, Z and press Start.
Unlockable Characters
To Unlock characters do this:

Charachter - How To Get
----------------------------------- -------------------------------
Play as Gaia Beat the game normally.
Play as Bosses Defeat the game on hard without dying. On the Player One Character Selecy Screen, Sho and Gaia are selectable. To play as Cupido
Play as Cupido First, enable Sho, then at the Character Selection screen, highlight Sho. Now, press Up + A.
Play as Sho Just beat the game in story mode.