Battalion Wars 2 Cheats

Battalion Wars 2 cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Extras Unlockables
Some extra unlockables!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlock Solar Empire concept artComplete the first campaign
Unlock Western Frontier concept artComplete the first campaign with all A ranks
Unlock all multiplayer missions
All wi-fi missions become playable in all three modes.
UnlockableHow to unlock
All Wi-fi missionsGet an S rank in every single-player mission
To unlock the Dossiers for the units listed on the left, defeat the campaign listed on the right with an A ranking (or better).
UnlockableHow to unlock
Anglo Isles- Western Frontier (Flashback)
Iron Legion- Anglo Isles
Tundran Territories- Iron Legion (Flashback)
Western Frontier- Solar Empire (Flashback)
Xylvania- Tundran Territories


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Concept Art
Anglo Isles Concept Art: Beat Western Frontier Flashback with all S

Iron Legion Concept Art: Beat Anglo Isles Campaign with all S

Tundran Territories Concept Art: Beat Iron Legion Flashback with all S

Western Frontier Concept Art: Beat Solar Empire Campaign with all S

Xylvania Concept Art: Beat Tundran Territories Campaign with all S
Solar Campaign Easter Eggs
The Solar Empire campaign is full of interesting things to explore. It probably has the most secrets, too. For example, the "Showdown at Big Honshu." Look at the map. You can swim almost anywhere, even the recon's path to the silos. Here's the coolest one. Go to the recon helipad location. (alone or with squad) Destroy the battalion garrisoned there along with their reinforcements. Check your map. Just outside the path out of the base, there's a lake with a slightly visible rope bridge. It looks like it's out of bounds, but it's not. Go to it. As you cross the bridge, you notice a large Anglo tent. Get closer and you see it's an abandoned camp! Walk to the shore's edge and you will find an huge destroyed Solar battleship, and a beautiful view of the volcanoes! You can also reach the very end of where Koji stopped designing. Have fun exploring!