Batman: Gotham City Racer review
Hunt Criminals In Your Car

The good:

Variation of cars,weapon system,missions,graphics,pursuit mode.

The bad:

Difficulty,sometimes maps gets complicated,enemies can get tricky,pursuit mode.


At this game,playing as Batman,Robin and Batgirl,you must pursue of trail of the exhaust of enemies' cars and catch them and send them to Arkham Asylum.There are 50 missions that you must did for finish the game.sometimes you go somewhere for find an criminal,sometimes you go somewhere to stop an enemy,
and sometimes you go somewhere for deactivate a bomb or weapon,sometimes you pursue a enemy car for catch him/her.

Your enemies are Two-Face,Penguin,Roxy Rocket,Scarface,Clayface,Firefly,The Riddler,The Mad Hatter,Harley Quinn,The Joker,Mr.Freeze,Poison Ivy,Killer Croc,Catwoman and Scarecrow.You must catch all of them and send them to Arkham.

Also,there is a pursuit mode.At pursuit mode,if you select a character from good side,you must catch thieves that stole money.If you select a character from bad side,you must stole money and escape from Batman and his friends.At bad side,all villains are selectable except Roxy Rocket,Firefly and Clayface.

"Batman:Gotham City Racer" is alike a racing game with action elements.Play if you want,but don^t except too much,since it can be better.

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