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*sigh* I got this game for Christmas. It's.. ok.. no, a bit less than ok. The controls are pretty bad, the fighting and stealth systems are for the birds, and the whole gay handcuff idea is dumb. At least the cut scenes are pretty neat. Well, anyway-- the stupid mini games are too hard. That free falling one? Whose idea was that?? Well, the main game aren't as bad as the mini game-- sometimes, ad=nd I do not mean all the time, or most of the time, I mean sometimes, the fighting system is good. But all that is ruined when you have to go through the whole handcuff them or they come back up and hunt for you deal-- thats dumb. Oh, and the mandatory training sequence is totally useless. You're never going to have to go along a wall, and even when you do, it's useless. An enemy uses his sonic thermal vision which allows him to fire a machine gun at you and hit you every time, as well as see through walls-- so tell me, where do you use stealth here? Ok, and the jumping system-- stupid. Sure, a regular jump is fine. But what about when you need to bat glide? Using your cape to glide is so freakin hard I wanted to throw my controller at a wall. And the missions are way too hard-- you're better off trying to dig a hole to China. And the first person segments make the game seem relatively good-- if only the whole game where first person like this, then I would have given it a point higher, maybe 2. But, if you're looking for a good Batman adventure, look for an old Batman game for the Gameboy, or even that new Batman game(although I am unsure of its quality). Overall: This game is pretty dumb.

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