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Batman's game that barely missed the chipper.....

The good:

Nothing really.

The bad:

Just about everything.


The object of the game is to defeat major criminals from the show, and of course this leads to endless and pointless violence. Not only does the plot seem almost completely unfeasible, it exibits some of the utter lowest graphics and a soundtrack of malicious nonsense. It also has the distincive trait of not telling the player what to do most of the time. Poor controls are also a problem. The overall presentation shows that this game is a sick joke. A really really sick joke. My scientific theory is that this game was obviously created when the Nintendo workers were under heavy alchohol dos...




*sigh* I got this game for Christmas. It's.. ok.. no, a bit less than ok. The controls are pretty bad, the fighting and stealth systems are for the birds, and the whole gay handcuff idea is dumb. At least the cut scenes are pretty neat. Well, anyway-- the stupid mini games are too hard. That free falling one? Whose idea was that?? Well, the main game aren't as bad as the mini game-- sometimes, ad=nd I do not mean all the time, or most of the time, I mean sometimes, the fighting system is good. But all that is ruined when you have to go through the whole handcuff them or they come back up an...


Batman vengeance


I rented this game and i was pretty impressed. it has great gameplay and good graphics. i loved being able to fo fly the batplane. most peoples problem with this game is that u have to go into first person to use the gadgets, however i liked this feature. It made the game much more challenging. the game is like watching an episode of batman but controlling it. You got the classic joker with some newer villians. i wouldnt suggest buying this game, but definitely rent it. I rented and beat it in two days, and im a slow gamer. Its not too short, but you get caught up in it and u end up beating...


best bat game

The good:

easy controls, 3 good different storys and good graphics.

The bad:

too short, abit confusing at times.


this game has good graphics and gameplay but it is to short it wouldn't take that long to complete but it is worth it some bits of the game are confusing but it isn't going to take that long to figure it out.this is a good game for to play about 1 hour a day.


I am vengance........

The good:

Voice acting (!), gameplay, atmosphere, storyline

The bad:

Little things...


Actual gameplay is good.. but control integration is kind of akward. It's a nice touch not to be able to activate cheats until you've beaten the game at least once, but a couple of the envelopes are hear-tearingly hard to accuire.

The voice acting is all done by the actors from the TV series, which kicks ass. And the story itself is very good, making the game feel like you're interacting with a long Batman episode.

The graphics are *ok* but not great. Though it's somewhat attributed to the ingame characters being crafted to look like those from the cartoon exactly. Again, it adds to the feel ...


So Close... So Sad :o(

The good:

Pretty Good Graphics, Fun Multi-views, Good Mode/Story.

The bad:

The horribly long movie sequences, that can't be skipped + The lack of actual game play time.


Good Rent, Bad Buy... )

Bought it, finished it in three days, and I would have finished it sooner if it wasn't for the unusually long movie sequences. P

This game could have been so much better, if only there was more freedom in what actions you can take.

For example, The Bat-grapple should be able to attach anywhere and should have acted as a swing rope.

I also found that not being able to jump while in Utility-mode was a pain when trying for any acurate jumps.

With many other little personal beefs within this game one more stands out... NEED MORE ENEMIES & MORE MOVES, hahaha. I did like the ...

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