Batman Forever (SNES) Cheats

Batman Forever cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Cheat Menu
At the Game Start screen press the following buttons: Left, Up, Left, Left, A, B, Y. Change the game type to normal mode and press Start. Pick a character and press Start to display the cheat menu screen.
Kill All Enemies
Enable the cheat menu code. Then during gameplay press Start + L + R to kill all enemies on screen. Repeat this as many times as you need for boss characters.
Moves for Batman and Robin
Rocket Boots= towards, towards, X
Barrel Role= towards, towards, Y
Bat Bola= down, down, A
Holographic Decoy=down, down, towards, towards, A

Moves for Batman
Gas Spray= down, forward, A
Cape Morph= holding L, tap Y three times, and continue to hold L
Force Wall= down, down, down, B
Sticky Goo= down, down, X

Flash Grenade (standard weapon)= down, towards, B

Moves for Robin
Electro Shield= holding L, tap Y three times, and continue to hold L
Grenade (standard weapon)= down, towards, B
other Moves
Batman and Robin:
Slipery Goo= towards, down, B

Wrist Rivets= towards, down, X
Tranq. Darts= towards, down, A

Electric Pellet= towards, down, A
Bat Cuffs= towards, down, X