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I am a HUGE Batman fan. Have been since I was a kid. I loved BOTH Tim Burton movies and even have a soft spot in my heart for Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever. We won't even discuss Batman and Robin. So, as every fan boy was, I TOO was excited about the new movie. I was even excited about the game. Having said that, I guess I am a little biased when it comes to writing a review for a game based on my all time favorite superhero. But maybe, juuuust maybe, the fact that I am such a fan will make me be a little more skeptical about it.

Let me first say this; see the movie, then play the game. I think it helps the player better understand whats happening in the game and helps flesh out a better story. The game is fun. Pure and simple, it is a fun game. It takes a little while to get used to the controls, but then its fist to cuffs my friend. The game has a target auto lock that can be a little frustrating, but it is a small price to pay when you get to do a cool finishing move and see the nice animation. The character models look good and the environments are fabulous. Not to mention the got the whole cast to record the dialogue for the game. So, the dialogue is EXCELLENT. Way cool to hear and see Michael Cain and Morgan Freeman in a game!

All of Batman's toys are there: batarang, smoke gernades, flash gernades, grappling hook, etc. What the game succeeds at nicely is giving you a sense of scale when using the grappling hook: you fly across chasms and soar above the street. This gives you a real sense of height and depth to the game. Then theres the batmobile. Although there are only 2 driving missions in Batman Begins, they are a lot of fun. It gives you a real sense of speed as you drive through Gotham City and who has not ALWAYS wanted to do that? Drive through Gotham in the batmobile, way COOL!

This game does have its shortcomings. You can blow through it in about 6-8 hours. It would have been nice if the designers added more to the game than that which is in the film. The whole fear element is a great idea, but it is not utilized to its full extent. Your enemies fear rises through several VERY linear game points. It would have been nice to have it be a little more open ended where depending how you aproach a situation will greatly influence how fearful you become. In other words, a little more sand box and a lot less script. The interrogation aspect is nice, but some more creative ways than just picking up a bad guy and punching him would be nice.

Although this is not quite the Batman game that the fans were hoping for, they are getting closer. Its a fun, edgy romp that will hold your interest for a short time. If you are a fan of the film then I highly recommend picking this up.

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