Batman: Arkham Origins (PC) Cheats

Batman: Arkham Origins cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Unlockable Skins
UnlockableHow to unlock
Adam West & Futuristic Batman CostumesPS3 exclusive pre-order bonus
Batman 1 Million CostumeRegister with WBID when starting new game
Batman Blackest Night CostumeEarn Prestige in Multiplayer Mode
Batman CostumeAlready unlocked
Batman Dark Knight CostumeComplete all Dark Knight Challenges
Batman Injustice CostumeEarn all Medals in Challenge Mode
Batman New 52 Graphic CostumeCapture every Most Wanted target in Story Mode
Batman Noel CostumeComplete Story campaign
Brightest Day Batman, Gotham by Gaslight Batman CostumesPurchase Season Pass
Earth-2 Bruce Wayne, The Long Halloween, Earth-2 New, Batman Thrillkiller, Knight of the Round Table, 1989-2006 Classic Tim Drake Robin CostumesGet Infinite Earths Pack
First Appearance 1939, Red Son, Noel, New 52, Blackest Night 2006-2008 Tim Drake Robin CostumesGet New Millenium Pack
Initiation Bruce Wayne skinGet Initiation DLC
Judas Contract Deathstroke, Injustice Deathstroke, Arkham Origins Deathstroke CostumesPre-order bonus from select stores, also available from Deathstroke Challenge Pack
Long Halloween, Batman ThrillKiller, Batman Earth 2, Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table CostumesBatman Legends Pack pre-order bonus


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Free Flow Fifty Achievement/Trophy Tips
An easy way to score the x50 combo needed to earn this Achievement/Trophy is to reach Round 4 of the "Intensive Training" combat challenge. At this point, abuse the trick of attacking enemies, then jumping over them to avoid their hits/counterattacks. Simply continue this until you reach a x50 combo, without worrying about using combo attacks or finishers (indeed, these attacks will finish enemies off quicker, potentially throwing off your timing).

It gets even easier if you have unlock the Shock Gloves, which provide a x2 multiplier on each successful hit when activated.