Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition

  • Released on Nov 18, 2012
  • By Rocksteady for PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition User Reviews


I'm the goddamn Batman.


Please note this review is based on the Game of the Year edition.

For the longest time the sight of a licence tie-in has always been a warning sign in video games and ones to generally avoid. Like with most things thought there are those special exceptions that shine in the darkness and are fun to play and do the source material justice. Arkham Asylum was one such game, providing a gameplay experience that could easily have stood up on its own without the licence but also played to the strengths of the dark knight’s canon. Now here comes the second game that takes everything the first game d...


Batman is back, but he's not alone.

The good:

*Takes everything from the first game and expands on it
*More Playable characters
*Open World
*More Gadgets

The bad:

*Detective Mode takes away from the true graphics


Arkham City everyone! The sequel to Arkham Asylum (duh) and possibly the best Arkham game there is! Let's check it out shall we?

As I just said, the game is a sequel to the original game, where Joker is dying from something he did in the first game as well as Hugo Strange and something known as Operation 10 thrown in as well, there's quite a bit going on.

Unlike the last game, this time, there's a pretty large open world to explore. It's quite expansive and lots of fun to grapple from building to building, sneaking up on goons or just dropping out of nowhere and beating them all up.

Speaking o...


The Definitive Dark Knight Experience


While it’s essentially me bashing in the brains of a deceased equine at this point, it’s hard not to lap praise upon Arkham Asylum for reinvigorating the Batman video game franchise. The 2009 title won numerous game of the year awards and when developer Rocksteady officially announced they were working on a sequel they were put in the difficult position of having to deliver a follow up to one of this console generation’s most beloved releases. For those who doubted that they would be able to capture lighting in a bottle twice you can put your fears aside: Arkham City is without a doubt the ...


Breaking out of the Asylum


To call something the greatest superhero game ever made is certainly a weighty claim. Lots of people aren't so big on the scene, but I've personally had loads of favourites; starting with a Spider-Man game on the Master System, my interests were immediately whet and as a slightly more mature gamer, I'll still prize the two Playstation Spider-Man games (the sequel being Enter Electro) as all-time nostalgic classics. Demonstrating how far the genre can go though, Spider-Man again resurfaced as a pioneer in comic adaptations in the game adaptation of the second movie, Spider-Man 2, on the cons...

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