Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Coming soon on Jul 26, 2016
  • By Rocksteady for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham Asylum review
Nananananananana Great Game!

The good:

. Full-on Batman experience
. Excellent voice acting
. great fighting system
. Gadgets-a-plenty
. Challenge Rooms are, well, challenging!

The bad:

. Boss fights are rather simple
. Most Riddles are also simple
. Detective Mode = bright blue, so not that useful


If you were a fan of anything Batman related before this game came out chances are you were massively excited to try what has been hyped up as "the best Batman game ever" But then there was all that reviewing controversy... Well, here's the truth.

Arkham Asylum offers up the full Batman experience. Gadgets, fighting, sleuthing, its all there and more-or-less equally spaced. One could say its "fight-sneak-fight-sneak" but that wouldn't be fair.

For starters the voice acting is "top notch" Anyone who has seen the Animated Series will recognise Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill's takes on Batman and The Joker respectively, plus Arleen Sorkin reprises her role as Harley. Even if you've never seen TAS you'll come to realise that these 3 knew what they were doing. But there are some other great performances, such as Wally Wingert as Edward Nigma and Dino Andrade as Dr. Jonathan Crane. The voice cast really hold this game together, in my opinion.

Anyone who has played a Stealth-related game (MGS, Manhunt, etc.) will get how the stealth aspect of AA works; You need to get from Room A to Room C but Room B is full of guards, usually incompetant ones, and Batman has to take them all out to continue, but they all have shotguns or something. There are Silent Takedowns, for the MGS-inclined. Or you could swoop down from the rafters and kick the gun out of some poor thugs hands. and as you advance you unlock gadgets and new moves, expanding the repertoire... Point is you can plan your attack, and for the Predator challenge rooms planning your attack is vital.

Then, on the flip side, there is Freeflow combat, which though it may flummox some to start with, will become a favorite fighting style of any Bat-fan. Combos are the focal point, but its mainly about fighting the baddies in a way only the Bat can, and like with your stealth moves, your Combat moves can be upgraded, making it easier for you to get the high scores in the seemingly impossible, yet still very fun, Freeflow Combat Challenge Rooms.

There is also a bit of sleuthing to be done which, if I'm honest, is fairly linear. Its something along the lines of "I need to find this guy, lets search the area to see if he dropped anything" then you follow the trail. Also the Riddles are fairly easy. Some you can't get until later in the game, but still very easy, plus there are hidden maps which tell you where ALL the riddles in your current area are. But some Riddles do unlock Charecter biographies, which are neat, I guess, and Charecter trophies. The main reason for solving the Riddles is to unlock the Freeflow/Predator Challnges.

Although the game is rather awesome it is quite linear. You always wind up going to the same places, but its what you DO in-between that counts; fighting, sleuthing, sneaking, it's all a LOT of fun. Even people who aren't fans of the Bat will enjoy the ride. And the Challenge Rooms add to the Lasting Appeal. I must recommend this, Batfan or not, to anyone who is up for a great, if all too short ride through the Batman Universe.

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