Batman: Arkham Asylum

  • Released on Jul 26, 2016
  • By Rocksteady for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360

Batman: Arkham Asylum review
Good mixture of stealh and combat and is very fun

The good:

very good stealth/combat, fairly good story, and fairly good replayability

The bad:

very little if I had to say anything maybe bosses needed to be a bit tougher


OVERVIEW- Joker has escaped Arkam Island running around causing trouble back in gotham. Batman of course tracks Joker down taking him into custody and sees to it personally that Joker is returned back to Arkam Asylum only to come to the realization it was all to easy recapturing Joker and something doesn't feel right. Carnage ensues and Batman is trapped inside Arkam with the Joker seeming to be in control, thats were you resume control...


STORY- It is not the strongest storyline game I have ever played but given the setting/enviroment it suits the game really well and should keep the most casual gamers interested.

AI- They did the AI pretty well in my opinion. Theres nothing like sitting atop a gargoyl in a room with 7 armed thugs and trying to come to a way to take out each one silently without attracting attention from the others. If you do attract attention you will in all probabilty be ganged *bleep* by a bunch of shotgun weilding thugs lol unless you can get away quick.

BOSSES- Well there is really not much to the actual boss fights and should be figured out how to defeat them pretty easily, although it might get kind of difficult as Joker usally tends to tell his band of thugs to attack while the main boss is still attacking you. So if you can't multitask you might get a bit overwhelmed.

CONTROL FLUIDITY- Another very good aspect of this game meaning its not a bunch of press this while pressing that to do only one action. Its one or two buttons max to get the desired result. It feels very fluid in game a shouldn't really cause people even casual gamers much problem.

STEALTH/COMBAT- In my opinion this is the meat and potatoes of this game. This is were the control fluidty really earns it strips. First off the stealth portion of this game is really well done, it kind of reminds me of MSG4 if you never played MSG4 then it is no problem to learn the stealth aspect of this game. Second is the combat and let me tell you it is very fun, meaning it just really only 2 buttons square and triangle. Square is the main button you just mash and left analog to direct what enemy you would like to hit, you can move back and forth to differnt enemies without missing a strike but however you get that little Batman sense symbol above enemies who are about to strike you and that is when the triangle button comes into play as it will counter that enemy letting you continue striking out without damage.

REPLAYABILTY- Another fairly decent part of this game, as in you can run around the whole island solving hundreds of riddles that our old friend the Riddler has left for you. Also there is challenge maps you unlock by solving riddles in story mode and should keep you playing well after you beat story mode.

CLOSING- I usally never play a superhero type games but I made an exception this time and I was not disappointed. I would recommend to just about anyone

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