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Baten Kaitos review
Baten Cardos: Awsome Possum

The good:

Graphics, story, battles

The bad:

Card game, the voice acting, the uberfeminen lead.


Oh Namco, what does your name mean? You've given us top notch RPGs like the "Tales" series, and, umm… that other series! You've given us the Soul Caliber series, and more. But why oh why did you make an unknown named 'Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean"? I'll tell you why, BECAUSE IT'S AWSOME! Who knew that a card game other than Blackjack could be fun? Ok, so it's an RPG to the extent of its name, ridiculous story, feminine main character with questionable voice. Oh, yes, you know it's from overseas as well. Because no one from America and Canada have wings, we just have tanks.

The story is original. You're on a floating island thingy, and you have no idea how you got there. (Can you say amnesia?) And you got attacked, and taken in by a slime thingy that squeaks, but it's squeaks sound like whistles. (Can you say love triangle?) Oh, but that's no tall, you have a wing that your grandfather made you, a mechanical wing, because you only have a right wing, and needed a left one. (Can you say marketing pitch?) Ok, so it borrows a lot of aspects of other video games, but that's fine, basically every game is a continuation of Pong… I take that back…

Oh, the background music is wonderful, and if you like generic pop-rock, you most likely won't find it here. (joy!) The downside is the voices. Namco has a reputation of plugging in as many voices as they can to a game, so to not make it's fans read. But why Namco, do you get crappy actors? I mean these guys pause more then William Shatner on his first season of Star Trek. And let's not forget that it sounds like they were recorded on the included microphone that comes with a Dell XP.

The graphics are pretty. When I say pretty, I mean colorful, and bright. So bright I got a migraine 5 minutes into the game. (Or maybe that was because of the horrible voice acting!) But it's one of the best looking games on the GC, EVER. Yes, this is so colorful, it's like Marshmallow Peeps crapped on a banana split and then had a child called Sunflower. The characters are unique, but you may see a resemblance in one of the females and Taki from Soul Caliber. (Can you say recycle?) But there is no, I repeat, no cutting in the scenes. That means, silky smooth cut scenes, and when you talk to someone, they don't POP around. (Can you say waiting sucks?)

Oh, sweet cards, wait, cards? Yes cards, there had to be a gimmick in this game, just like in every other game. (Can you say Pokémon rip?) Anyway, the cards don't delay the action any, well, more then a card game is delayed. You have a deck (NO WAY!) and you can put cards in. In battle, you choose a card, or 2 cards. You can also choose armor to block your enemies attack. Although I like it better when I just, I don't know, WEAR the armor, but hey, whatever floats the guy's boat. The nudists are going to take over the world soon anyway, might as well put it in a 2003 game.

Improvements I would make:
Namco, listen to me, a fan boy crying out, MULTI-PLAYER! This game would be better if a friend could come over and join in. I like what you did with Tales of Symphonia, but this could also use the multi-feature. I mean, they're both on 2 discs, and this one seems to be shorter then ToS, so come on, you're not bad at math, I AM! 2+2=MULTIPLAYER. The other thing I would fix is the cast of characters. If you make a sequel, make that your first priority, oh and let's see something different from the others, like the world is taken over by a blue-haired guy who wants to marry your main squeeze. (Oh wait, that's FFX). Ok, never mind, just make a generic game, but I won't buy it.

Story: 4/5
Graphics: 5/5
Audio: 3/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Total: 16/20 "Awesome Possum"

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