Baten Kaitos Origins Cheats

Baten Kaitos Origins cheats, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Baten Kaitos Origins cheat codes.


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Colosseum Unlockables
When you come back to Alfard from Hassaleh, there is a guy at the port that will give you keys for entry. Go to a blue flower and take the path there.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Rank 1Get the keys in Alfard upon return from Hassaleh
Rank 2Complete Rank 1 and advance to Diadem in the storyline.
Rank 3Complete Rank 2 and advance to Sadal Suud in the storyline.
Rank 4Complete Rank 3 and advance to Anuenue in the storyline.
Rank 5Complete Rank 4 and advance to Vega in the storyline.
Rank 5 (For Championship)After completing Rank 5
ChampionComplete Rank 5 Qualifier
Advanced ChampionComplete quest from the Champ's Room.


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First, go to the statues to unlock this event- After that talk to the guy on the roof to find smoke for the story, go to the kitchen talk to the chef and Guillo will rip off the Heath to reach a room, After that talk to the guy upwards and he saids yo get in a room far left but it's lock so go in the room next to it and there will be a vine out the first window, go out it and you'll be in the room to get the smoke.
Celestial Tree Mix
Mix the celestial fell-branch and the celestial flower.

Then the Dark Dagroot.

Then add Fire Dagroot.

Then add Rainbow.

Then add Ice Dagroot.

Then add Lightning Dagroot.

Then add Holy Dagroot.
Firefox cap
In the Lake Botien Ruins, the lower room on the left. After you drain the water move the box the guy was on to the right and a chest will appear.
just a few mix recipes (never could find them)
here is only a FEW and hopefully it gets on the list(they are all true)
Drinking water + drinking water = pristine water
Stale water + stale water = drinking water
Blaze + pretty stone = fireglow stone
Flame + flame = blaze
Spark shroom + spark shroom = jolt shroom
Stone + stone + chunk of rubber = boulder
Drinking water + blaze = cloud
Stale water + salt = salty water
Blaze + stone = lava
Flame + stone = hot rock
Pristine water + blaze + salt = diadem cloud
Salty water + mound of soot = soot soup
Cotton cap + cotton cap = fluffy pillow
Salt + terrible song = heartbreaking song
Mound of soot X5 =pretty stone

i will update when i find more
Lighting Shroom
Mix four spark shroom in sets of two, then mix the two jolt shrooms.
If you mix the glimmer with a machina gas you get the levilight
Mountain Apple OverLoad
If you stock up on Mountain Apples before you fight strong bosses, it will be much easier for you to defeat them. Try stocking up around 7-12 of them. This is a good way to beat the HolaHola Bird.
New Game+
Complete the game once, then save a clear file when prompted. When you return to the main menu, load this special file to begin a new game with your gathering from your previous playthrough.
Small Talk
Never make small talk with the registartion lady. It may stop you from going on to rank 5.
Unlocking the Heartflask
Start a game with a save file from the first Baten Kaitos game on your GC memory card. Then speak with Georg in the Nihal desert to unlock this sidequest which will last through five different Quest Magnus; it's recommended to unlock it as early into the game as possible.