Bassmasters 2000 Cheats

Bassmasters 2000 cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see Code Breaker Codes for more Bassmasters 2000 cheat codes.


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Topwater - This lure floats and can be popped along the water's surface to make a
splash. It is best used when fish are near the surface (overcast, rain,

Crankbait - This lure remains close to the surface after casting, but dives when
reeled in. Most Crankbait will remain in relatively shallow water. They are most
effective in medium depths and in cold water.

Spinnerbait - This lure is quick, noisy, and can cover a lot of water. It is a
good choice to use when testing the waters. Small and dark Spinnerbait work best
in clear, sunny weather. The bigger, heavier Spinnerbait works best in mud.

Plastic - These lures are often shaped like actual food (worms, lizards,
crayfish). Naturally colored and smaller Plastics work best in clear water.
Brighter and larger Plastics work in darker, muddy, or deep water.

Spoon - These lures work best in heavy vegetation, matted up grass, and similar
conditions. None of its parts will get caught up in plants.

Jig - This is a fair weather bait that works best in sunny days and clear water.
They are not flashy, fast, or noisy.
Rod And Reels
Each reel has a unique length and casting accuracy. When choosing between lines, use weight to help determine your decision. Remember, a ligher line will allow lures to go further down, but breaks easier. A heaver line won't break very easily, but it might hinder attracting fish.