Bases Loaded 4 Cheats

Bases Loaded 4 cheats, and Codes for NES.


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The following two passwords start you with the Boston team at games near the end of the season (this is probably the only way Boston will ever win a Series!):

Password Effect
06811B5CBC Final game of the Super Series vs Hawaii
540C783C94 Starts you at 69W-0L...1 win clinches pennant

Regular Season Passwords
Enter the following passwords for the final game in Regular Season...

Password Effect
20WPWRC945 Atlanta vs. Philadelphia (69-0)
R071B4W4R2 Boston vs. Atlanta (69-0)
8D010RWDP2 Chicago vs. Boston (69-0)
17033K8FH5 Hawaii vs. Los Angeles (69-0)
20K2K5K945 Kansas City vs. Seattle (69-0)
T073S0T4H2 Los Angeles vs. Kansas City (69-0)
00C2WCC945 New York vs. Chicago (69-0)
560C761C94 Philadelphia vs. Washington D.C. (69-0)
00K7KFK945 Seattle vs. Texas (69-0)
15833387H5 Texas vs. Utah (69-0)
8H810FS3L2 Utah vs. Texas (69-0)
P073P674R2 Washington D.C. vs. Chicago (69-0)
Super Series Passwords...
Enter the following passwords for the final game in Super Series...

Password Effect
0641185CBC Atlanta vs. Hawaii (3-0)
1R05447D38 Boston vs. Hawaii (3-0)
B057PBD381 Chicago vs. Hawaii (3-0)
17033K8FH5 Hawaii vs. Boston (3-0)
64158FKSK0 Kansas City vs. Boston (3-0)
T057S8F381 Los Angeles vs. Boston (3-0)
B02DR8P9B0 New York vs. Hawaii (3-0)
1D05487D38 Philadelphia vs. Hawaii (3-0)
8057STF381 Seattle vs. Boston (3-0)
06S1035KSK Texas vs. Boston (3-0)
H057L7F381 Utah vs. Boston (3-0)
3R0R74W670 Washington D.C. vs. Hawaii (3-0)
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