All-Star Baseball 2003 Cheats

Cheat menu
Press L1 while at the controller selection screen to enable cheats that have been purchased.

Easy points
Switch controls when the CPU is at bat and strikeout on purpose. You will obtain a perfect game and 100 points.

Hints & Tips :

Control homerun replay
After hitting a homerun, a replay of it will be shown. When you see your batter heading home from third base, press various buttons to see other angles.

Better franchise or expansion mode teams
Use trades to get rid of your older less talented players for a little better players. Even if the CPU rejects your trade, keep trying constantly and it is usually will be accepted. However, make the trade reasonable, such as B- for a B or B+. If the player you really want just does not seem to want to join your team, try trading for another player who is a little better, then return to that player you want and try again. Do this every season to keep good young players.

Thom Brennaman's stories
Begin a game and allow the controller to remain idel. After a few minutes after they have announced the lineups and the starting pitcher, Thom Brennaman will start telling in-depth stories about baseball.

Easy points
You can gain "points" for certain feats performed in a game. An easy way to get points is to throw a perfect game. This is worth 100 points. Change controls every time the CPU is up at bat and strike out on purpose. This will get you points for 27 strikeouts, and for a perfect game. Repeat as many times as you like.

To get additional points in franchise mode to sign your free agents, during the off season either create a player and pick him up as a free agent or sign free agents and release them at the end of the season.

Better hitting
Directly after the pitcher releases the ball, press Start. You will see where the ball is going and if it will be a strike or ball. Resume playing and move your batting cursor over it to get a nice powerful swing. This will help you improve your hitting. Note: You do not need to press Start directly after he lets go of the ball it just gives you more time to move your cursor after the game is unpaused.

Use the pause technique before you bat. When you see where the ball is going, try your best to get the ball as close to the point of the contact triangle (the part closest to the batter, not the thick part of the triangle). you will normally get homeruns or at least doubles.

Wait until the pitcher's arm is in motion and is coming forward, then swing. If it looks like a bad pitch do not swing. This strategy woks most of the time, and works well with players such as Giambi, Bonds, or A-Rod.

Better pitching
The best pitchers have a pitch called a "Slurve" (for example, Mark Burhele of the Chicago White Sox). Also try the "Dominate Curve" with Pedro.

Restore pitcher's energy
In season, franchise or expansion mod, go to the DL, and put any pitcher on the15 day DL. Then at once take him back into your lineup. He will have recovered all his energy.