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All Star Baseball 2002


All Star Baseball 2002, is a technologically advance version of all the other baseball games out there. Acclaims answer to Major League Baseball and Triple Play, this game tries to make there game better than any other game on the market.

1. You can actually see your teams mascots on the dugouts performing different dance steps.
2. Updated for the 2001 season roster, so you do not have to change any of the lineups, unless you be cheap and make an ultimate team.
3. If you are a fan of baseball in real life and in video games then this will be a great game for you.
4. Unlike some previous editions of this game, the graphics are nearly flawless and not nearly choppy.
5. There is a hall of fame team with all of the classic players from the past.

1. Once you have the game mastered then the game will not be very much fun.
2. The game will get quickly outdated in just a couple of months.

These graphics are very smooth. You are almost expecting to be able to change the channel to another game. There is a great improvement in the way that the players look during game play. Before they would look like they were made out of cardboard boxes tied together by some bungee cord you found in the back of your neighbors pickup truck, but now they actually look kind of like humans.

AUDIO: 8/10
There really is not any background music in the game, but there really is not any room for them in a baseball game. One thing that I do like about this game is the crowd. You can actually hear the crowd yelling out you and hear singular comments. Too bad there isn't any special jeers directed at John Rocker when you go to New York, because you know that they would be hilarious. One disappointing element of this game is the commentary. They are just plain bland, there is nothing special about this commentary that sets it further ahead than any of its competitors.

Like many other baseball game there are just a ton of options to do at any time, and it is just hard to make all of the options accessible without making it too complicated, and Acclaim did a decent job at doing this. The pitching has almost been perfected, you can throw any pitch any where that you want it, just the same you can swing the bat as hard as you want any where that you want to swing the bat. The fielding controls don't have anything spectacular, but they still are good and not too hard to learn and apply.

There really are not too many changes in game play from the All Star Baseball 2001, but there are a couple of things that are great to do with this game that you can not do in many other games. Imagine that it is the ninth inning in game seven of the National League Championship Series, and you are down by one with one man on. Who else would you want up to the plate besides Bobby Thomson? Or the batter just bombed one to left center field, who would you want making the over head backwards basket catch besides Willey Mays? That’s right classic players. If it were not for them then baseball and this game would not be the same, and this game would just be mediocre

It is hard to want to play a whole season over again once you finished one, especially when you figure that a season is 162 games long, and then you have a post season. So if you play through all of those games and want some more then you must have something wrong with you even though it is still a great game, you just can not play it forever and not get tired of it.

It is a sports game so it is not expected to have a story line. You begin your season with twenty five major league baseball players, and make your way through series after series trying to clench your spot in the playoffs, once there you have to go through two tough teams just to get through to your division championships. If you are lucky then you might beat them and get to the World Series, then to show your true skill you will have to face and beat the best team in baseball in a best out of seven series.

CHEATS: 6/10
This is a great game, but it is hard to put in any good codes for a baseball game, I mean what would you put in? Always hit a home run, then that would just destroy the game all together. So it is a good idea to leave the cheats out of the game and just let the game be the game.

If you are a baseball fan then you should at least think about a rent for this game, but I would not make a special trip out to the store to get this game. At least give it a rent and see if you like.

I was thinking about giving it an eight, but I just don't think it was that great of a game. It is one of those games that you would play if you had it on a demo disk, but not one that you are just dying to have in your collection. It is a great game, but there are just too many other baseball games out there to make this one stand out as the best one of all time, or one of the better ones.

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