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[edit] Background

Barry Hatter's adventure starts with the sorcerer's ultimate challenge where you have to earn your spurs racing alongside other wizards in the enchanting Broomstick Grand Prix. It's no fairytale when there's an evil force at work.

So it's a race against time! Use your broomstick skills to recover the flying runaway spell books that have escaped from the Library of Magic! Search high and low and take a shortcut though the narrow castle hallways, picking up crucial time bonuses as you soar at low altitude.

To defeat the evil present you need to aim high coming 1st lets you progress to harder levels, help is at hand as there will be plenty of extra ammunition to collect, but you have to be skilled at the arts of dangerous stunts as you'll need to skim over tree-tops and plunge under low bridges and archways. Besides health and ammunition you'll find the rocket-power super-broom and that will help you thrust into first place leaving a smokescreen behind you to daze and confuse your enemies.

As you progress through the game the evil starts to make its presents known you'll have to use your magical spells to attack evil dragons that have taken over the skies above 'The Wizards Castle'. Aim carefully to destroy each segment of the monsters body before the castle is doomed. Collect extra health pickups as you avoid blasts from the traitorous Imps around the castle roof tops.

Fight for magical supremacy in the thrilling 'Orb Domination' levels and see who is the most skilled with a broomstick! Swipe the orbs from your opponents to claim a breath-taking victory.

Up to 8 magical wizard characters for you choose from. Unlock more complex and challenging levels as your broomstick handling skill progress, then hook up with up to 4 friends in the insanely addictive Multi-player mode.

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Release Dates
  • North America: Q2 2006
  • Europe: December 2005