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Consciousness Orbs
I've noticed on other boards that some people believe that there is only one orb capable of transferring items in the game. So here's a list of other places where items may be transfered:

- When you first see Eliza and she vanishes through the wall, Look up in the adjoining room and you will see two (2) orbs which may both be used to transfer items.
- In the room with the small circular pool that Alice floats above, there is a big green orb which may be used for transfer.
- The Metal plated globes found on random floors are transfer orbs as well.
- The floor where Eliza asks you for pure water and/or a crystal, after a certain in-game event the orb in the room will be capable of transfer. Only after the event will it work, if you throw an item at it before then the item will be lost.
- The orb behind Dr. Angelicus will become capable of transfer after a certain in-game event. Before then, all items thrown towards the orb will be thrown back at you by Dr. Angelicus.
- The floor above the Absolute God, both the floating red orb and the spiked ball where you speak to the Archangel are capable of transfer.
There may be more orbs but these are the only ones of which I know.