Barbie Horse Adventures (PS2) Cheats

Barbie Horse Adventures cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Are you finished with all 12 levels and finally unlocked the last trail...
Are you finished with all 12 levels and finally unlocked the last trail? Well...once you have gone through everything & you have gone to the 13th trail(the trail u unclock when ur done with all other 12 trails) You run into this big area that is locked on the other side and you have no idea how to unlock the gate because there is no foal or key in need to get all the skunks in the area eating at once...once you have done that the gate will unlock!

I was stuck in that area for nearly 3 hours trying to figure out how to get through the gate, so im helping you in case you're having a problem with that, 2...if it doesn't work, please email me & let me know!
Best horses to use
Ok, Lighting is the best horse out of all 10

horses becasue shes super fast a very sharp

on turns great jumper easy to earn and keep

trust and Shes alot better at jumping and

turning at the same time. I use her and when

I get tired of her color i just go to the

stables and change her colors although white

look alittle weird on her but pretty too.
Helpful tips on finding coins.
Forest levels.

Ok,On forest levels the coins tend to be hidden

in tall grass or behind trees or right out in

the open or cheast hidden behind trees etc, But

the trick to finding all the coins in the forest

levels is to not go ahead to go back and see if

you missed anything.

mountin levels.

Ok on these levels its alittle tricky...but the

key is to look for arches or hidden caves or

coves etc...and just not to get mad because you

cant find them all....but the real trick is to

make sure you coverd all of the level and not

just a half of it.

Beach Levels.

Beach levles are somewhat easy becasue silver

coins stand out on sand ,sand oh and more sand...

but sometimes sand and rock act like a cover for

hard to find areas and sometimes there are seals

that blend in with the sand(or other animal)

but the key is to not get mad and to look and

to also make sure that you look for the secret

beaches that *just happen* to be around the levels

Hope this is useful if not email me at
How to change horse and barbies colors on mini games
Ok, To change what horse you use and what

barbies wearing on the mini games you load

a saved game...that you have the most stuff on..

then you go to the stables to change your horse

and then go to the dressing room to change barbies

outfit...NOTE: THIS ONLY WORKS WITH BARBIE the outfit part i mean you can change the horse and every char can use it they just whont have barbies outfit on.
Ok,The best way to complete the game is to

just make sure you look everywhere for the

coins make sure to look in tall grass etc.

And to rescue all the foals. And the games

still fun to play after you beat the game

cause of all the outfits and plus all the

Useful Tips
Rescue All foals and horses to unlock Silver Valley Gardens. Collect all Gold Coins in Silver Valley Gardens to complete game.

When racing, click SQUARE button first then move left analog forward. It works better.

If the Friendship Meter goes down all the way you`ll be sent to an earlier part of the trail.

In forest trail 2 There will be a part with two skunks. You`ll see a safe point, go to it then search through the tall grass, there`ll be a palomino foal there. After you go over the bridge there`ll be a barn go around the back and up the ladder, you`ll find a maze with hay just climb over certain parts of the maze, get the foal and open the barn doors, then lead the foal to the safe point. AFTER THAT PART THere`ll be a lock gate go up the steps and get the key then get through the staone maze and you`ll find a foal.

You`ll come to a part in the 2 forest trail where there`ll be logs. get the foal. When you`ve got the foal, go after the first log rolls down then wait in between the logs, go after the second log falls and you`ll saftly make it across.

In forest trail 3 you`ll come to a maze with muky water, it`s safe to go in it, the horse will just get dirty. When you get to the foal, you can go across the muky water to the the safe point, nothing will bad will happen.

(You know what I think is wierd? When Barbie pats the horse, for each one, she`ll say "Good girl" She`ll never say "Good boy" So that means all the horses are girls. How do they have the foals?)

In the beginning of snowy mountains trail 1, pick up ALL of the apples in the orchid then you`ll be able to rescue the foal.(You`ll know `cause Barbie
will say "Great job, wwe`ve pick up all of the apples in the orchid, now we`ll be able to rescue the foal.)

When you find one of the foals with a chest next to it, a sugercube will be inside feed it to the foal and lead it to a safe point.

At one point there`ll be two bear cubs there is a foal by them, it is easy to miss but it`s in a small cave, get apples to feed to the baer, the foal will want a a suger cube. Go past the safe point and go up the hill with the chest on top, open it you`ll find a sugercube. feed the bear cubs more apples so they`ll leave you alone, then feed the foal the sugercube and it will follow you to the safe point.

At one part there will be an arch and a sp(safe point. I just got tired of writing the whole word.) Go through the arch and follow the coins, a maze, foal, sp. After this GALLOP down the icy hill(it`s more fun to gallop down it) there`ll be
a locked gate go back over the log and down the other trail and the key will be there but keep gonig down the trail and a sp will be there, search for the foal.

In sm2(snowy mountians 2) the trail will split, take the left one to rescue the foal on the broken bridge. Past that you`ll come to a spot where there is a block of ice. Next to it is a hill, go up it, you`ll come to a small cave where
there`ll be a horse statue, get off your horse and go over to it when u get close enough to it it will say "use" press X go down ladder get foal push ice block enough to get through lead foal to sp.

THIS INFORMATION! The horse that I used through the game when I COMPLETED THE GAME(rescueing the foals and horses and when I was getting this info.) is Blossem or Jewel is what I like to call
her. She`s palomino with a white blaze and stockings with a long, beautiful mane. I use her
because she`s fast and her freindship meter is easy to keep up


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Make Barbie die!!!
When you play on the beach level where the light house and ferris wheel is, right before you go to the board walk, there is some water. Get off the horse and walk as far out as you can go and somewhere near the middle is a pointed section that you can walk down. If you walk far enough down you will eventually fall endlessly!
Unlock A new coat color for your horse.



Ok for ps2

Go to the main menu screen the one where it says click start to start game,

And then Hold down R1 and tap TRI,SQ,X,CIR,then


And for xbox

Hold down the right trigger and tap Y,X,A,B

And then press UP,LEFT,DOWN,RIGHT.

I Found out this cheat myself and I promise

it works becasue I tried it out on BOTH systems

and It me I know what it feels

like to find a super cool cheat and it dosent

work....but i promise these do!