Banjo-Tooie review

The good:

The inclusion of bosses.
They split up when you get to a certain bit of the game.
First person shooting (with eggs though).

The bad:

Aside from two bosses, the bosses can be a little too easy.
Jinjos can be annoying and hard to find.
Slight camera issues.


Lastability: 7/10.
A bit too short and easy. After killing the last boss and found the last jiggy, all that's left is either starting a new game again or multiplayer (which is cool).
Graphics: 8/10.
For it's time, the graphics are excellent. Still actually considered that today, though not so much. But still, it's hard to get textures and I guess the graphics in general like that in an N64 game, well, until Conker's Bad Fur Day that is.
Sound: 8/10.
Not the best soundtrack by Rare, but it's still one that won't be leaving your memory banks anytime soon. Grunty Industries has a shitty song, but the next level - Hailfire Peaks - has a hell of an earworm that kicks ass going for it.
Gameplay: 9/10.
The platforming gameplay that was in the original is much better, with the addition of new moves (an improved ground pound, being able to hold onto ledges, and even splitting Banjo and Kazooie up), and some parts being like a first-person shooter, though the difference is that you're shooting eggs out of Kazooie instead of bullets out of a gun. Still, spot on gameplay. My only complaint - these levels are kind of big and meaty, and while exploration is something that's usually fun, ehh, I don't like that you have to backtrack quite a bit as you get more moves and stuff..
Overall: 4.0/5.0.
A sequel that's both superior and inferior. Well worth buying. Here's hoping Banjo-Kazooie 3 for the Xbox 360 improves even more from Banjo-Tooie.

REVISION - Banjo-Kazooie 3 isn't even a *bleep*ing platformer! It's a vehicular combat game not unlike Twisted Metal! Yes, Twisted Metal is awesome, but still, you know, you'd expect a platformer...

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