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The good:

i give this gamea2.5 because hink it could be a little more challenging. i think that the only thing in this holw game is the last world tthats means 7 boring worlds and1 good one. the final boss is also pretty trickey.

The bad:

i think game sucks alot because there is so much boring movees and 8 worlds just to get some stupid puzzles pieces. like man how low can u go. i think they shoud spice up this game alot by putting more exciting things than like puzzle pieces and little puny dinosoars caled jinjo's. and those lololololololol lame enemies the minjo's.


thisgame is about banjo the bear and kazooie the borid. they go to get revenge on there enemie grundy the witch for killing there frind the mole. so they set out finding one world at a time. in theworld that there and in they have to find jiggies, ( little puzzle pieces).on thereway they have to find little jinjo'ssince grundy has scatteredd all the jinjo'sall over the worldand they need to get there family back.

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Harry Hippo Jan 10, 10
I find this unhelpful and you should go into more detail.
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The Groove Master Jan 10, 10
But the lolololol minjo's are just so lame!
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lbt10 Jan 10, 10
^ Agreed.

You didn't say anything good about this game
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The Groove Master Jan 13, 10
Yea I said there is one good world.

actual READ it
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Pokemon cheater Feb 23, 11
First: Bird is not spelled borid.
Second:Doctor Octagonapus BAGHAAAAAAAA!!!!
Last:Are you kidding? this game is the best game I know of on the N64!(I am yet to play Conker's Bad Fur Day and Ocarina Of Time) How can you NOT fall in love with this games worlds? The beautiful landscape, the Music, the characters?!?!? Sure the enemies suck(espiecially for those of us more advanced) but that's not a reason to take away from the game. The game boasts great variety(you didn't even mention Multiplayer!) and how can you not like Cloudy Cuckoo Land? I give this review a 0.5 out of 10 because you got one thing right: Those Minjo's really suck.
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The Groove Master Feb 24, 11
Haha, well... Writing this review as a 11 year old kid sure makes it a lot funnier looking back 7 years later.

You can see how I've matured now
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lbt10 Feb 24, 11

Banjo Tooie was EPIC.
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